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By Dr. Deepak Gupta
Corresponding Author Dr. Deepak Gupta
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Mechanism of Homeopathy, Quantum Homeopathy, Antigenicity-Immunogenicity, Homeopathy Vacation

Gupta D. Elusive Mechanism of Homeopathy: Its Miracle may be Its Curse and Time to consider Homeopathy Vacation. WebmedCentral HOMEOPATHY 2011;2(11):WMC002452
doi: 10.9754/journal.wmc.2011.002452
Submitted on: 10 Nov 2011 07:20:24 PM GMT
Published on: 11 Nov 2011 05:16:49 PM GMT

My opinion

Homeopathy originated in Germany and is extremely popular in India. The reasons for its popularity in Indian population may be related to the ease of its ‘sweetened’ administration, almost the certain minisculity of side-effects (if any) in comparison to allopathic medicines, and possibly the lower costs involved in homeopathy for the self-paying patients. However, the mechanism of action for the medicinal effects of homeopathy has been eluding the scientific communities since its origin. Herein, despite being an anesthesiologist, I as an astute observer of science with sincere acceptance to all form of medicine want to postulate that the not-so-clear Quantum Transfer of Homeopathy (1) although provides the answers for the unclear ‘essence’ or ‘energy’ of the extremely diluted homeopathic medications in regards to giving the Quantum form for the in-between state of homeopathic medications (more than just energy and less than formed molecule/matter); however there are quite a few answers that needs to be answered as far as pharmacodynamics of homeopathy is concerned (Quantum can only explain the active ‘ingredient’ of homeopathic drug re-constitution). It is my humble understanding as an ‘outsider’ that as almost all of the homeopathic medication ‘quantum’ are administered by oral route, they are utilizing the gut that has one of the largest immune system of human body; and no matter what form or state of homeopathy (energy or quantum or sub-molecular matter) acts on the human body, the absence of the molecule and repetitive dilutions providing medicinal effects in the large human populations can only be explained by the transfer of activated antigenicity of the original molecules that ‘vaporize’ during the repetitive dilutions for the final re-constitution of the final homeopathic drug product. This highly activated antigenicity of homeopathic drug product may then be utilizing the immunogenic system of the human body to further and to strengthen the natural protective mechanisms (eradicating the exogeneous and remodeling the endogeneous) of the human body in the event of the acute, sub-acute or chronic persistent insults and intrusions (mechanical, chemical and biological). However, the patients who are ‘religiously’ following and chronically ingesting homeopathic drug products may be exposing themselves to this ‘upregulated’ immunogenicity within their bodies even when there are no exogeneous substances to fight and kill and no endogeneous ingredients to remodel; and this ‘upregulated’ immunogenic system may then mistakenly direct its attention to the unrequited healthy endogeneous cells that may lead to the birth of the auto-immunity of varying degrees. This domain and perspective is yet unexplored because the understanding of the mechanism of action of Quantum Homeopathy is still evolving; however, my ‘layman’ outlook finds it prudent to initiate the discussions among the homeopathic scientific community for possible considerations of regular interval homeopathic vacation (for example, one month placebo products after every five months of homeopathic products) in long term patients till the time when more conclusive evidences behind the homeopathic miracles are put forward by the homeopathic scientists.

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Quantum Homeopathy
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