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Quantum Homeopathy
Posted by Mr. Suchir Arora on 29 Nov 2011 06:32:49 AM GMT

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    I would recommend the author to include more references from google scholar search/ pubmed search. There are some very good reviews available.


    Though the debate exists on the action of homeopathic drugs, but the actions and results cannot be ruled out. Considering homeo drug, just a placebo or taking breaks might serve a good observational study.

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    There are evidences that homeopathy works ! A group from IITB has shown the quantum dynamics action of nano-particles of homepathic active ingredients. Many such sucess stories are coming out. We probably need to establish this effect with more experiment
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    I am not a homeopath but i do believe in the principles of homeopathy. I am a bioinformatician and aware of rationale behind different princiles and mechanism of drug action.

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