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By Dr. Srinivas R Deshpande , Dr. Gayathree L Deshpande
Corresponding Author Dr. Srinivas R Deshpande
Biochemistry, Malabar Medical College and Research Centre, Modakkallur, Calicut, MMC,Atholi, Modakkallur,Calicut, Kerala - India 670001
Submitting Author Dr. Srinivas R Deshpande
Other Authors Dr. Gayathree L Deshpande
Microbiology Department, Hassan Institute of Medical Sciences, Hassan, - India 573201


Medical Council, Original Sin, India

Deshpande SR, Deshpande GL. The Original Sin we All Did. WebmedCentral MEDICAL EDUCATION 2011;2(3):WMC001806
doi: 10.9754/journal.wmc.2011.001806
Submitted on: 28 Mar 2011 07:47:50 AM GMT
Published on: 28 Mar 2011 01:04:45 PM GMT

My opinion

The original sin
The original sin we all did - and allowed the medical council to do
Was to get the first phase reduced to 8-9months
The original sin we all did -allowed the medical council to do
Made our kiddos less proficient in anatomical physiochemistry
And feed the hard kebab to a milk fed infant
Allowed the original sin long enough-
Made the medical toddler to learn anatomy fast and soon
And vomit, fully-as told, state councils never asked why such hurry
We never protested, did our bidding
For this, the heavens will never bless us all,
Committing crime by knowledge excess-all at once
Our council never understood as now
And inflicted faculty reduction to please its paid customer colleges
Even now-
When we cry bout the reduction in faculty, by half-we get
Bulldozed -told shut up, and frowned, get dictates to
Hurriedly teach them all anatomy, thru all orifices, it hurts
Physiology and biochem as the nails in their coffins
There died medicine as you thought ours was a nonmedical subject.
There died there interest in medicine, as we just hurried thru-
Hence the preterm babies, our MBBS and BDS kiddos
Don't know anything -when they exit
We all know.
This is but a way to destroy-the breed of doctors, and create a clan of quacks
Who know not much of anything?
Anatomy or physiological chemistry
Or medicine
For T'is said-the best way to destroy a race is to destroy its intelligentsia-and the way a doctor can think
And behave
Make this guy deficient-in basics
And he shall get destroyed
We forgot-Virchow, Pasteur, Metchnikov and ventured into venture capital medicine
And merchandised medicine, fully for our marasmic children.
But our clinician brothers who got genetically diverged
Evolutionarily in race for seat selections
Dictated to the council-bloody useless subjects!!!Said-
Wretched-kill these Preclinical and paraclinicals-shi#!! Sheer Waste!!
Send the kiddos to clinical-we teach them all the good stuff in clinical
Let the non clinical rubbish be over in a year-said our luminary clinicos;
And we now have maladjusted medicos; yes sir, yes sir,
Whatever happened to your integration?
Vertical and horizontal
Money integrated in your subjects
We just degenerated-
No complaint again-we said, digested the injuries, weakened
As our strength got reduced
Subject matter curricula remained same
Universities remained as dumb-the universities
Surmised MBBS is an undergraduate course
And applied for auto destruction
And allowed Msc to be called postgraduate course
Allowed them to teach MBBS
These Kids of Mudaliar-who knew not an ounce of medicine by the bed side,
Were let loose on our infants by our own medical council-these idiots
Taught our MBBS kiddos medicine
The subject they learnt hands-on; inappropriate
Non efficient non relevant teaching we allowed- The original sin
Was thus to have reduced the first phase to 8months
And to allow inappropriate teachers to exist, to dominate.
The original sin we all did -allowed the medical council to do
Made our kiddos less proficient in anatomical physiochemistry
Very intelligent, we can gauge
-yet we continued our original sin,
And now we venture to increase the teacher strengths to 250
And increased the strain on the hapless teacher
Who has been already teaching less?
As teaching colleagues' have got fewer and work has buried him,
His profession has been a pain-cause of his penury
Strained by dental, mental and accidental teaching
And yet think 250 student strength will be fine
The original sin we all did, again and again-allowed the medical council to do
Made our kiddos less proficient in anatomical physiochemistry
While we hire truckload patients to our empty private college hospitals
And spill blood in new labor theatres to simulate a used place
Dress up clerks as technicians,
O gods of medicine devour us-this will go on how long
One day show,
One day instruments
One day teachers, technicians, and tutors
Even one day patients
We have seen it all
How many sins more-we don't know
As we are very intelligent, being Indians
To beat the laws, beat the constitution
We create birth and death records,
We cheat MCI inspectors as they know very well
All game-well fixed, routine.
How many sins more-we don't know
As we are very intelligent, being Indians
The original sin we all did -allowed the medical council to do
Made our kiddos less proficient in anatomical physiochemistry
And be born intelligent in this land
Yet not migrate, for better
Yet not migrate to avoid this double standards game.


This poem explores the Indian physician's mentality- We and our senior medical teachers did not protest to our medical council of india when they reduced the first year MBBS from one and half year to one year, Now we have a medical education system which is known for its crass commercialisation, corruption of education stndards.

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