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    This importnat contribution to this rapidly evolving issue needs to be published as rapidly as possible. Subsequent submission to the mainstream peer-reviewed literature is recommended. I would propose to the authors that they include some comments regarding the causal link of thromboembolic events to testable contaminants, in the sense that thrombosis is a multi-factorial pathology ans is unlikely to result solely from contamination with activated coagulation factors. Some mention of Virchow's Triad, with the possibility that patient factors such as obesity and immobility, as well as other product related factors such as high infusion rates and viscosoity, would augment the quality of the discussion of this important paper.

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    I provide services to the trade association which the authors' company belongs to
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    A microtitre plate test for assessment of in-vitro thrombogenicity in Factor IX concentrates using a chromogenic substrate. A Farrugia, A Oates, D Spiers, I Young and R Herrington. Thrombosis Research, 53, 191-196, 1989.[P] Effects of plasma collection systems and processing parameters on the quality of Factor IX concentrate. A Farrugia, D Spiers, I Young, A Oates, R Herrington and F Damianos. Vox Sanguinis, 57, 4-9, 1989.[P]
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    I have a recoed of high research involvement in thrombosis and haemostastasis and have published peer reviewed articiles and reviews on the subject which are avialbale on request

  • How to cite:  Farrugia A .Review of "Quantitative Determination of Relevant Amounts of Blood Coagulation Factor XI Activity" Marzo et al[Review of the article 'Quantitative Determination of Relevant Amounts of Blood Coagulation Factor XI Activity in a Specific Brand of Intravenous Immunoglobulin ' by Jorquera J].WebmedCentral 2011;2(5):WMCRW00748
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