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Dr. Badaruddin Abbasi

Committee for Biological and Medical Ethics (CBME)
Deanship of Scientific Research, University of Dammam,P. O. Box 2435,

Brief Biography:

Develop, design and implement Bio- medical /clinical testing. Field and clinical trials. Initiate proposal for national survey, study Social factors, fertility levels and trends. Implement collaborative research studies by WHO, FHI, UNFPA and other National institutes', organizations. Plan and conduct Contraceptive testing, Training workshops related to Contraceptive Technology/testing, Research Methodology, and Ethical issues in Reproductive Health Research. Coordinate and supervise the medical research and laboratory section and guide /advise research personnel in this section and look after the operational and Epidemiology research sections.

Academic positions:

06/01/2001 to Dec 2010 Director Research , Government of Pakistan Population House, F-Block, Pak. Secretariat, 44000 Islamabad (Pakistan) 07 December 2010 – July 2012 Director, Federal Medical and Dental College, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad July 2012 todate Secretary, Committee for Biological and Medical Ethics (CBME) Deanship of Scientific Research , University of Dammam

Research interests:

1. Introduction of Norplant Rod -V1 on broad scale in Pakistan 2. Bioethics in Clinical care in Pakistan Eighth International Tsukuba Bioethics Roundtable (TRT8) 15-18 February 2003, Japan 3. Vaginal Cytology of Intrauterine Contraceptive Device users in Karachi 4. Intensive supervision / monitoring of family welfare centres and effects 5. Correlation of fertility indices in Normo-spermic Oligo-spermic and Azoo-spermic men. 6. Occupational hazards and their effects on Thyroid Function. 7. Falciparum malaria: various presentations Pak J Med Sci Sep 2006;22(3):234-7. 8. Comparatiuve review of Oral Agent Therapy in the Treatment of Type II Diabetes Pakistan J Med Res Mar 2001;40(1) 9. Field trial of once a month contraceptive Injectable Mesigyna 10. Social and personal factors affecting continuation of contraceptive use. 11. Common Myths and Fears of Contraceptive Use in Pakistan 12. Comparative Pharmacokinetics of Depo-Medroxy progestrone Acetate (Depo-Provera) and generic DMPA (Proxy-Depo) in Pakistan.

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

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