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Prof. Johannes Hoffmann

Dept Vascular Surgery
University of Munich
Marchioninistr 15

Brief Biography:

Prof. Hoffmann qualified as a general surgeon in 2002 following his medical training at the Ludwig-Maximilians Medical School at the University of Munich. His medical doctorate investigated the influence of renal support therapy on the elimination of pro-inflammatory mediators in sepsis. In his postdoctoral lecture qualification he investigated the influence of coagulatory inhibitors on septic microcirculatory disorders at theInstitute ofSurgical Research Homburg-Saarland (Prof. MD Menger). Besides working as a senior physician in vascular and abdominal surgery Prof. Hoffmann is currently an active member of the local transplant surgery team, and lead consultant for transfusion therapy. He qualified for a specialist in vascular and visceral surgery.

Prof. Hoffmann leads a research group on microcirculatory research in sepsis and transplantation as well as vascular surgery, focusing on the quantification and modification of ischemia reperfusion injury and septic microcirculatory disorders in experimental and clinical settings. He is the surgical coordinator of the neuroendocrine tumor center of theuniversityofMunichand leads the interdisciplinaryCenterofVascular Access. He has published over 60 peer-reviewed manuscripts about diverse issues in intensive care medicine, transplantation and vascular as well as visceral surgery. He received scientific awards from the German Surgical Society, German Vascular Surgery Society, and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. Prof. Hoffmann is a member of numerous national and international societies for surgery and intensive care medicine and is working as a referee for Am J Physiol, Crit Care Med, Intensive Care Med, Anaesthesiology, J Thromb Hemost, Thromb Hemost, Intensivmed, World J Surg, Shock, et al.


Academic positions:

Prof. of Surgery


Research interests:

Ischemia Reperfusion Injury

Sepsis, Transplantation

Vascular access surgery

Bypass surgery

Microperfusion in arteriosclerosis and diabetes


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