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Dr. Gianluca Serafini

"Sapienza" University of Rome
Sant'Andrea Hospital
Via di Grottarossa 1035-1039

Brief Biography:

Degree in Medicine and specialization in Psychiatry, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy. Ph.D. student in “Early Intervention in Psychosis". Professor of Psychiatry and Psychogeriatry, undergraduate level, “Sapienza”University of Rome from 2005. Principal investigator, sub-investigator and rater of many clinical experimental trials advanced by pharmaceuticals industries. Conference speaker in more than 60 international and national scientific events. Author of approximately 50 articles in peer-reviewed international journals; author of 10 articles in peer-reviewed national journals, 15 chapters in international books, 13 chapters in national books. Author/coauthor of more than 20 abstracts/posters in national and international peer-reviewed journals and scientific events. Reviewer for 16 peer-reviewed international journals. Associate Editor of 2 peer-reviewed international journals. Editorial Board member of 4 peer-reviewed international journals. Member of “IASP” (International Association for Suicide Prevention). Member of AILAS (Associazione Italiana Lotta allo Stigma). Member of S.E.P.D. (Sociedad Española De Patología Dual).


Academic positions:

M.D.; Ph.D. Student


Research interests:

Suicidal behaviour;



Affective Disorders;

Early intervention in psychosis 


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

It provides a very interesting occasion to share multiple advances in many fields of science and help clinicians to comunicate about their interests.