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Prof. Rui Almeida

FAG / Unioeste / UFPr / ICCOP
Rua Terra Roxa, 1425

Brief Biography:

Rui Manuel de Sousa Sequeira Antunes de Almeida is an Associated Professor at Western Parana State University and Dean of the Medical School of Faculdade Assis Gurgacz, as well as a cardiovascular surgeon at the Western Parana Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery.

Dr. Rui M. S. Almeida is Portuguese, born in Inhambane, Mozambique, and started medical school in Lisbon (Portugal). He received his medical degree from the Parana State University - Brazil, in 1980. His cardiovascular surgical training was performed at Curitiba´s Evangelical Hospital until 1984, when he completed it, and after at The Hospital for Sick Children, in London, under the supervision of Drs. Jaroslav Stark and Marc R. De Leval, as a Senior House Officer and Senior Registrar, and at The National Heart Hospital, under Drs. Donald N. Ross and Prof. Magdi H. Yacoub, as a Registrar.

After is surgical training he returned to Curitiba and joined the cardiovascular surgical team at Curitiba´s Evangelical Hospital and became a medical professor at the Parana´s Evangelical Medical School. He obtained at the Parana State University, is M.Sc. degree in cardiac surgery in 1993 with an experimental work untitled – Creation of an experimental model, in dogs, to study aortic valve homografts -, and in 2000 the Ph.D. degree with a thesis untitled – Clinical application of a bileaflet mechanical, rotational, heart valve in aortic position.

In 1993, was invited to be the chief cardiovascular surgeon at Western Parana Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, and performed, until now, more than 4000 cardiovascular procedures, as a surgeon, and 2000 cases as first assistant. At the same time he initiated studies to start a Medical School at the Western Parana State University, and was its first Dean, between 1995 and 2000. During this period he had grate engagement in scholar activities, as well as in research, and is, until nowadays, responsible for a research group in basic and clinical activities in cardiovascular surgery, recognized by CNPq, a Brazilian

governmental entity, and for the tuition of young students in research, as well as training residents. He was designated to administrative duties, during this period, as the director of the out patients clinic in the University Hospital and is responsible for the cardiovascular surgical team, in the same hospital hospital.

In 2008 he was appointed as the first Associated Professor of this Medical School. In 2005 was invited to be responsible for the studies to initiate a new medical school, at the “Faculdade Assis Gurgacz”, which was authorized in 2008, and was invited to become Dean of this Medical School.

As associative activities he is a member of 15 professional societies participated as a board member of the Paraná’ Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, since 2002, and became its President (2006-08). Was elected President of the South Brazilian’ Society of Cardiovascular Surgery (2007-09), a Member of the Board of the Brazilian’ Society of Cardiovascular Surgery (2009-2010), President of the Board (2011-2012) and President of the Endovascular Department of the Brazilian’ Society of Cardiovascular Surgery (2009-2011).


Academic positions:

Associated Professor of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery at the Parana Western State University and Dean of The Medical School of the 'Faculdade Assis Gurgacz'


Research interests:

Cardiovascular Surgery, Endovascular Surgery and Medical Education


Any other information:

1. Associate Member of the Brazilian Society of Extracorporeal Artificial Internal Organs and -1980,
2. State Aspirant of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC), the 02/1981 08/1984,
3. Founding Member of Brazilian Association of Critical Care Medicine -1982 ,
4. Specialist Member of the SBC -1984,
5. Full Member of The International Society for Heart Transplantation "-1986,
6. State Aspirant of the Brazilian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery (BSCVS), 04/1988 to 04/1989,
7. Associate Member SBCCV, 04/1989 to 11/1992,
8. Associate Member of the Society of Cardiovascular Surgery Paranaense -1992 (SPrCCV),
9. State Specialist SBCCV, 11/1992 to 01/1997,
10. enabled the State Department Cardiac Pacing SBCCV - 1996;
11. State of SBCCV - 1997,
12. enabled the State Department of Pediatric Cardiology SBC -1998;
13. International member of the "European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery" -1999,
14. International member of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons' -2000,
15. Member of the Board of Directors of SPrCCV, 04/2002 to 04/2004;
16. Company Secretary Sulbrasileiro of Cardiovascular Surgery (SSBCCV), 07/2003 to 07/2005 ;
17. Secretary of SPrRCCV, 04/2004 to 04/2006;
18. Member of the Commission of Medical Residence of BSCVS -2004;
19. Chairman of SPrCCV, 04/2006 to 04/2008,
20. Chairman of SSBCCV, 08 / 2007 to 08/2009;
21. Member of BSCVS Board, 01/2009 to 12/2010,
22. Chairman, Department of Endovascular Surgery SBCCV, 03/2009 to 03/2011


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I think it will be a great way of expanding knowledge and it will be of the outmost interest for something that I think is nowadays very important – medical education


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