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Dr. Fabio Bianco

Chief Executive Officer
Neuro-Zone srl, via Podgora 7

Brief Biography:

Fabio Bianco holds a Degree in Medical Biotechnology and a PhD in Medical Pharmacology. His 7 years basic research activity has primarily been focused on the intercellular communication mechanisms within the central nervous system. He served as Scientific Reviewer Board Member of the Merck Manual of Health , Member of Life Science Professionals, Pharma Connections and Drug Discovery and Development Professionals.
Since 2007, Dr. Bianco holds the Chief Executive Officer position at Neuro-Zone s.r.l.


Research interests:

His research activity has been focused on the study of intercellular communication among brain cells, in physiological and pathological conditions. In particular, results from his studies revealed the existence of a novel alternative mechanism of communication inside the Central Nervous System responsible for the onset of neuroinflammatory events leading to neurodegeneration.

In recent years, he focused fis attention on the development of microfluidic solution for dissecting cellular mechanisms in complex cell networks.


Any other information:

Dr. Bianco is CEO of Neuro-Zone.

Under his guidance, the company was founded, started activities, and gained significant international market awareness:
• 2008: Most Innovative and Creative SME Award from the Province of Milano
• 2009: Top 25 Most Innovative European Life Science SME at EE Venture Contest.
• 2010: Top 50 Most Innovative Italian SME

Moreover, the company signed a Joint Study Agreement with IBM Zurich Research Laboratories and a Research Collaboration Agreement with ASTAR in Singapore.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

It's an incredible opportunity for breaking communication  barriers in the scientific community and boosting scientific collaborations


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