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Mr. Md. Sahab Uddin

Research Scholar
Department of Pharmacy, Southeast University

Brief Biography:

Md. Sahab Uddin is a Registered Pharmacist and Research Scholar in the Department of Pharmacy, Southeast University, Bangladesh. His research interest is how neuronal communication can be manipulated by neurochemicals to manage Alzheimer’s disease. Md. Uddin has developed Matching Capacity, Dissimilarity Identification and Sense Making tests for the estimation of memory, attention, and cognition. Furthermore, he has established Numeral Finding and Typo Revealing tests for the determination of attention. Md. Uddin is serving as an editorial and reviewer board member of more than 80 scholarly journals. To date, he has published more than 70 articles comprising the method, research, review, image articles, short communications, and editorials, in the peer-reviewed international scientific journals. Moreover, he has also published a number of book chapters under academic book publishers. Md. Uddin has authored 3 books entitled “Pharmakon Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Pharmacology”, “Tools of Pharmacy: Getting Familiar with the Regular Terms, Words and Abbreviations”, and “Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals: Compendial Standards and Specifications”. He is a member of copious national and international scientific societies in the field of neurobiology and pharmacy. He has received his BPharm in 2014 securing 1st position from the Department of Pharmacy, Southeast University, Bangladesh. Md. Uddin is a scientific-minded erudite researcher and author, his numerous manuscripts are waiting for publication.


Academic positions:

Research Scholar, Department of Pharmacy, Southeast University


Research interests:

Neurobiology, Neuropharmacology, Neuropsychology, Pharmacology


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