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Dr. Kshitiz Kz

Research Professor
Yale University School of Medicine

Brief Biography:


1. 08/04: B. Tech.; Computer Science and Engineering; Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
2. 05/05: Research Analyst; Biosciences and Bioengineering; Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
3. 07/11: Ph.D; Biomedical Engineering; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
4. 06/12: Postdoctoral; Biomedical Engineering; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
5. Current: Postdoctoral CSO; Bioengineering; University of Washington Cardiac Mimetics, Inc.
6. 04/14: Research Professor; Cardiotoxicity Screening Bioengineering; Yale University School of Medicine


Academic positions:

See my CV


Research interests:

Cardiac Mimetics; cardiotoxicity


Any other information:

Peer-reviewed Publications

1. Hubbi ME*, Kshitiz*, Gilkes DM, Rey S, Wong CC, Luo W, Kim DH, Dang CV, Levchenko A, Semenza GL (2013). A non-transcriptional role for HIF-1a as a direct inhibitor of DNA replication, Science Signaling, 6(262), ra10. (cover article).
2. Hubbi ME, Hu Hongxia, Kshitiz, Ahmed I, Levchenko A, Semenza GL (2013). Chaperone-mediated autophagy targets HIF1a for lysosomal degradation, Journal of Cell Biology (In Press).
3. Suhail Y*, Kshitiz*, Lee J, Walker M, Kim DH, Brennan MD, Bader JS, Levchenko A (2013). Modeling intercellular transfer of biomolecules through tunneling nanotubes, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (In Press, Feb 16).
4. Chaturvedi P, Gilkes DM, Wong CC, Kshitiz, Luo W, Zhang H, Wei H, Takano N, Schito L, Levchenko A, Semenza GL. (2013). Hypoxia-inducible factor-dependent breast cancer-mesenchymal stem cell bidirectional signaling promotes metastasis, J Clin Invest., 123(1):189-205.
5. Kim DH*, Kshitiz*, Smith R, Kim P, Marban E, Suh KY, Levchenko A, Nanopatterned Cardiac Cell Patches Promote Stem Cell Niche Formation and Myocardial Regeneration, Integrative Biology, 4(9):1019-33. (cover article)
6. Kshitiz, Park JS, Kim P, Helen W, Engler AJ, Levchenko A, Kim DH. (2012). Control of stem cell fate and function by engineering physical microenvironment, Integrative Biology, 4:1008-18.
7. Berman SMC, Kshitiz, Wang JC, Orukari I, Levchenko A, Bulte JWM, Walczak P. (2012). Cell motility of neural stem cells is reduced after SPIO-labeling, which is mitigated after exocytosis, Magnetic Resonance in Imaging, doi: 10.1002/mrm.24216.
8. Bankoti R, Kshitiz, Levchenko A, Stager S. (2012). Marginal zone B-cells regulate antigen-specific T-cell responses during infection, Journal of Immunology, 188:3961-71.
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15. Gupta K, Thomas D, Vidya SV, Venkatesh KV, Ramakumar S. (2005).Detailed protein sequence alignment based on Spectral Similarity Score (SSS), BMC Bioinformatics, 6:105.


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