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Dr. Sameeh Ghazal

Consultant Pediatrician
King Fahad Medical City
King Fahad Medical City

Brief Biography:

Consultant Pediatrician at KFMC Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, King Saud University Consultant Infection Control Surveyor for Health Care institutes at Central Board for Accredetation of Health Institute (CBAHI), SA Epidemiologist (Fellow) at MCV Health system (Fellow), VCU, Va Chairman of Infection Control Department, KFMC


Academic positions:

Present positions:

1. Consultant of Paediatrics  
2. Director of Research and Publication Center in KFMC
3. Clinical Assistant Professor of Paediatrics (KFMC Medical Collage) & (King Saud University)
4. CBAHI Infection control Surveyor
5. Webmed central reviewer
6. Journal of Pediatric Infectious Diseases reviewer
7. Director of infection control & Environmental Health (1996-2011)
8. Chairman of infection control committee (1996-2011)
9. Leader of KFMC CBAHI Infection control chapter (2011)
10. Member of KFMC Accreditation steering committee (2011)
11. CBAHI surveyor (Infection control chapter)
12. Member of Patient safety committee (2010-2012)
13. Member of the Consultant Medical Council of KFMC (2006-2012)
14. Member of KFMC CPP revision task force
15. Member of the Safety committee of KFMC
16. Chairman of Vaccination Taskforce

Positions held since graduation:

1. March 1984 - March 1987: General practitioner; Primary Health care KSA
2. March 1987 - October 1993: Pediatric resident and PICU Intensivest Pediatric registrar; Sulaimania Children’s Hospital, KSA Sulaimania Children’s Hospital, KSA
3. October 1995 - October 1996: Pediatrics senior registrar & Pulmonologist & in-charge of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit; Sulaimania Children’s Hospital, KSA
4. November 1995 - July 1997: Consultant in pediatric, Pulmonologist, head of Infection Control Department; Sulaimania Children’s Hospital, KSA
5. July 1997 - May 2003: Consultant in Pediatrics& Pulmonologist, Head of Infectious Diseases and Infection Control Department; Sulaimania Children’s Hospital, KSA
6. 1998 – Today: Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; King Saud University


Research interests:

Epidemiology, Pediatrics Infectious Diseases


Any other information:


1. Monecke S, Skakni L, Hasan R, Ruppelt A, Ghazal SS, Hakawi A, Slickers P, Ehricht R. Characterisation of MRSA strains isolated from patients in a hospital in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. BMC Microbiol. 2012 Jul 23;12:146. PMID: 22823982
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16. Bacterial meningitis & hearing impairment a prospective study. Annals of Saudi medicine. 1992, vol. 62, no. 5,480 83 (thanks)


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