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Dr. Ae Wha Ha

Associate Research Professor
Dankook Uinveristy

Brief Biography:

Nameme: Aewha Ha

Educational Background:

1981, Graduated from Dong Ill High School, Seoul, Korea.

1987, B.S. from MyongJi Univ., Dept. Foods and Nutrition, with High Honors, Korea.

1989, M.S. from Brigham Young Univ., Dept. Human Nutrition & Food Science. U.S.A. Major: Nutritional Science

1994, Ph.D. from Florida State Univ., Dept. Nutrition, Food and Movement Sciences. Major: Foods and Nutrition

1996 -1997 Post-Doc From Aju University, college of Medicine, Dept. Endocrinology.


Academic positions:

Associate Research Professor-tenure track.

Employment and Professional Experiences:
September 2009- Present: Research Professor  in Korea University, Seoul, Korea
March 2006- February  2008:  Assistant Professor  in SoongEui Women’s College, Seoul, Korea
March 2002 – March 2005:  Research Professor in UNT Health Science Center, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
March2000 -  March 2001: CEO of  Dream Diet   Co. Korea.
March 1996 – March 2000:  Senior Researcher in Aju Medical Center, Korea.
March 1995 – February 2002: Lecturer in MyongJi University, Department of Food and Nutrition, Korea.
September 1991 to September 1994: Senior Research Associate in Nutrition Department in FSU, USA.
September 1987 to September 1989:  Research Assistant in Benson Research Institute in BYU,USA.


Research interests:

Nutrion and Biochemistry


Any other information:

Licensure and Organizational Affiliation:
1. Korean Registered Dietitian: since 1987
2. Membership with Sigma Xi, 1989, BYU
3. Membership with Journal of Korean Nutrition since 1995
4. Membership with Korean Nutrition Society since 1996.

Other honors:
1. Full academic scholarship from 1983-1986, MyongJi University.
2. Graduated with high honors from MyoungJi University, 1987
3. Award as research of the year in 1989 of B.Y.U.
4. Grants from Korea Research Foundation from 1996-1997.

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Presentations of International Journals:
1. The effect of protein, fat, and dietary fiber on the bioavailability of carotene. Aewha Ha  Southern Utah Science Meetings. 1988, 5
2. The dietary intakes and the evaluations of the extent of nutritional knowledge in korean diabetes. Aewha Ha The 9th Korea-Japan Congress of Diabetes, 1997. 4
3. The analysis of antioxidant enzymes and antioxidant vitamins in diabetes. Aewha Ha The Korean journal of Internal Medicine, 1997.10
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6. The analysis of Oxidative system by using TRAPc(Total radical trapping  antioxidant parameter, calculated) Kwan Woo Lee and Aewha Ha The 11th Asia-Oceania congress of endocrinology. 1998.
7. The status vitamin C and the oxidative stress in NIDDMs with complications. Aewha Ha  The 2nd Asian congress of Diabetes, 1998. 8
8. Diabetic complications and antioxidant vitamins. Aewha Ha The 44th Korean journal of food science and Nutrition, 1999.

1. Young Soon Kim: Professor  Ph.D.
Collge of Health Sciences, Korea University
Department of Food & Nutrition
San-1 Jeongneung-Dong, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
Tel: 02-940-2739
2. Sejong Bae: Associate Professor, Ph.D
School of Public Health, UNT Health Science Center
Department of Biostatistics
3500 Camp Bowie Blvd. Fort Worth TX 76107
Tel: 817-735-5162
3. ChoungSun  Cho: Professor  Ph.D.
MyongJi Uiversity Department of Food and Nutritionf
Kyong Ki-Do, YoungIn Gun, NamRi 8
Tel: 031-630-0631


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