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Dr. Pramod Kumar

Head of Deptt., Deppt of Dermatology & G.U.M.
Saham Hospital
P Box-582,

Brief Biography:

1991- M.B.B.S. in M.L.B. Medical College Jhansi (U.P.)
1996- M.D, B.R.D. Medical College Gorakhpur (U.P.)
Speciality- Dermatology and S.T.I. ( 14 years Post Specialisation experience)

Teaching Responsibilities:
Have taught undergraduate students (a) basic outline and understanding of Dermatology, (b) Common skin diseases, sexually transmitted infections and Leprosy, their clinical presentation, and simplistic approach towards their diagnosis and treatment. (c) Bedside demonstration of common clinical conditions.
I was assigned to postgraduate teaching in the specialty during my tenure as Senior resident which included (a) teaching history taking, cutaneous and general clinical examination, lab procedures, approach to diagnosis, treatment and counselling the subject, (b) bedside demonstration of elicitation of physical signs, recognition of signs and symptoms, performing bedside tests, woods lamp examination, scraping, slit smears etc. (c) demonstrating special procedures in minor O.T. viz. skin biopsies, ways of doing it, intralesional injections, various methods of cauterization, uses and operation of PUVA chamber, (d) exposing the PG students to difficult cases and the approach to come out of the situation, demonstrating emergency cases, and various dermatosurgical techniques, (e) ways to document  interesting cases, special staining, D-G mount, discussing histopathology of  biopsies, (f) emphasizing importance of keeping up to date with the subject, carrying out clinical trials within the given protocol, helping in presentations and seeking opinion within department or with other speciality, and preparing mock tests.    
I am a honorary Clinical Tutor for Oman Medical College (in Academic Partnership with West Virginia University), Sohar (Oman) since 2007.

Rereasch and Publications:
1. Involvement of nerves in leprosy with special reference to management of neuritis and nerve abscess - submitted as dissertation as part of the Post  graduate  training.
2. Keratoacanthoma Centrifugum Marginatum. Ind J dermatol Venereol Leprol, 1995; 61: 297-8.
3. Heamangioma on Glans Penis - A Case report. Ind J sex Transm Dis, 1995; 16: 41-42.
4. Mutilating Keratoderma with Deafmutism. Ind J Dermatol Venereol Leprol, 1996; Vol.62(4); 254-255.
5. Prevalence of HIV among S.T.D. patients at Gorakhpur. Ind J Sex Transm Dis, 1996; 17: 71-72.
6. Phenytoin Induced Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Ind J Dermatol; 1996: 41(4) 136-7.
7. Peripheral Nerve Abscess In Leprosy: A Report of Twenty Cases. Ind J Leprol, Vol. 69(2) 1997; 143-7.
8. Late Reversal Reaction in Leprosy: A Rare Case. Postgraduate Med J; 1997: Vol. 73(no.865) 741-2.
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11. Epidemic Dropsy: A Study of cutaneous manifestations with histopathological correlation. Ind J Dermatol Venereol Leprol, 2001; 67: 178-9.
12. Late Onset Rothmund-Thomson syndrome. Int J Dermatol, 2007;46, 492-493. Available online at http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/118530799/abstract
13. Oral Ulcer as an Unusual Feature of Visceral Leishmaniasis in an AIDS patient. Indian J Med Sci 2007; 61 (2): 97-101. Available online at  http://www.indianjmedsci.org/text.asp?2007/61/2/97/30350
14. PUVASOL induced Bullous Pemphigoid in a case of Psoriasis. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research [Serial Online] 2007 December, 1(6) :537-539. Available online at   http://jcdr.net/article_fulltext.asp?issn=0973- 709x&year=2007&volume=1&issue=6&page=537&issn=0973-709x&id=163
15. Photograph of a case with “Late Onset Rothmund- Thomson syndrome” published in London Dysmorphology and Neurogenetics databases, published by Institute of Child Health University College of London in 2007 and available at http://www.lmdatabases.com.
16. Photograph of a case with “Olmsted syndrome” published in London Dysmorphology and Neurogenetics databases, published by Institute of Child Health University College of London in 2008 and available at http://www.lmdatabases.com.
17. Olmsted Syndrome. Ind J Dermatol, 2008 ;53(2): 93-5. Available online at http://www.e-ijd.org/text.asp?2008/53/2/93/41657
18. Classic Kaposi’s Sarcoma in Arabs – Widening ethnic involvement. J Can Res Ther 2011;7:92-4.

Papers Presented:
1. Paper entitled “Donovanosis – Case Report” presented in 19th National Conference of IASSTD & AIDS held at Chandigarh (India) in 1995.
2. Paper entitled “Nerve Abscess” presented in Award session at XV Annual Conference of  IADVL held Lucknow (India) in 1996.
3. Paper entitled “ HIV prevalence in Gorakhpur Region” in Award session in the XX National Conference of IASSTD & AIDS  at Allahabad (India), in 1996 and awarded 2nd.
4. Paper entitled “Role of Antioxidants in Dermatology” in XXV Annual Conference of  Delhi chapter in CME section(India) IADVL, in 1997 and awarded 2nd.
5. Paper  entitled “Impact of Dermatologic opinion on indoor referrals” in 26th National conference of IADVL held in Chandigarh (India), in 1998.
6. Paper entitled “Angiosarcoma – a rare case”, in Pre Summer Symposium of IADVL (Delhi Branch) held at SL Jain Hospital in 1999.
7.Paper entitled “Epidemic Dropsy - A Dermatologist’s perspective” at 27th  national conference of IADVL held at Bhubaneswar (India), in 1999.
8. Paper entitled “Late Onset Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome” presented at 29th National Conference of IADVL held at Agra (India), in 2001
9. Paper entitled “ UV treatment in Vitiligo ” presented at 30th National Conference of IADVL held at Cochin(India) in 2002
10.Paper entitled “Juvenile Fibroxanthoma” presented at the 19th Annual conference of Dermatology  held at Muscat (OMAN), in 2006.
11.Paper entitled “Camouflage in Dermatology” at the 10th National Dermatology conference of Dermatology at Muscat (OMAN), in 2008.
12.Paper entitled “CLASSIC KAPOSI’s SARCOMA IN NON - ISRAELI ARAB MEN” presented at 38th National Conference of IADVL held at Lucknow (India), in 2010.
13.Paper entitled “ DIAPER DERMATITIS – EPIDEMIOLOGY & PATHOMECHANICS” presented at 38th National Conference of IADVL held at Lucknow (India), in 2010.
14.Paper entitled “Kaposi’s Sarcoma” presented at XII National Conference of Dermatology held at Muscat (Oman), in 2010.

Lectures Delivered:
1. ‘Chicken Pox’ at Infection Control workshop held at Saham Hospital, Saham (Oman) in 2008.
2. ‘Neonatal Skin Disorders’ at Regional Paediatric Update held at Rustaq Hospital, Rustaq(Oman) in 2008
3. ‘Human Papilloma Virus infection’ a Infection Control workshop held at Saham (Oman) in 2009.
4. ‘HIV testing’ at Regional Symposium on laboratory held at Suwaiq (Oman) in 2009.
5. ‘Syndromic Management of STIs’ at STI workshop held at DGHS Sohar held in Sohar (Oman) in 2009.

Additional Professional Activities:
Assisted in organizing CME programmes, Workshops and Conference on state level.

Reviewer for:
2. ARCHIVES OF DERMATOLOGY (A reputed peer reviewed journal published from USA)
3. JOURNAL OF AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DERMATOLOGY( A Reputed peer reviewed journal published from USA)
4. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL (A Peer reviewed journal) published by British Medical Journal Group from UK)
5. JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF DEMATOLOGY AND VENEREOLOGY (A peer reviewed journal published from Europe).
6. Member of the Editorial board of Libertas Academica for their journal Clinical Medicine: Dermatology ; published from New Zealand.

Professional Memberships:
1. Indian Medical Association, Life member Indian Association of Dermatologists Venereologists and Leprologists, Member of Oman Dermatology Society and Oman Medical Association.
2. Fluent in writing and speaking in English besides Hindi. Can speak and understand Arabic very well.
1. Dr. R. D. Mukhija, Professor & Head of the Deptt, Deptt. Of Dermatology, B. R. D. Medical College Gorakhpur (U. P.) –India 273013. Phone: 0091 551 2310922 ®
2. Dr. H. K. Kar Consultant and Head of Deptt. Deptt. of Skin and S.T.D., Dr. R.M.L. Hospital, New Delhi, India-110001. Ph: 0091 11 23365525 (O)
3. Dr. P. K. Sharma, Senior specialist, Deptt. of Skin & S.T.D., Dr. R.M.L. Hospital, New Delhi, India -110001.  Ph: 0091 1123381783 ®, 0091 11 23404383 ext.4383 (o).

Accolades Received:
1. Second prize for paper presentation in XX National Conference of IASSTD & AIDS, 1995.
2. Member of winning team in National S.T.D. Quiz at XX National Conference of IASSTD & AIDS, 1995.
3. Prize for 2nd BEST  C.M.E. in  IADVL  Delhi Chapter, in 1998.
4. Received “Appreciation for reporting Maximum cases of Adverse Drug Reactions” in whole of the country in Oman in 2007.


Academic positions:

Currently Working (Since 2003) as Specialist and Head of Department in Dermatology in a secondary level, multispeciality hospital run by Ministry of Health (Govt. of Oman)

From 22nd Feb 2000 to 24th Dec 2002- Worked as Consultant Dermatologist in Janki Dass Kapur Hospital, Naraina road, New Delhi. This is a multispeciality hospital run by a Trust on charitable basis.

From 15th Apr 2000 to 24th Dec 2002- Consultant Dermatologist  in Sonia hospital, Nangloi, Delhi. This is a multispeciality private hospital.

From 7th Dec 1996 to 21st Feb 2000- Worked on the post of Senior Resident (Registrar) Dermatology (under supervision) in Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi.


Research interests:

Paediatric Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

It is a great Idea in the present scenario where all the publication houses have taken majority stakes and have marginalised the researchers and authors.