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Dr. Pamela Romanque

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile & University Diego Portales
Ricardo Lyon 2256, aptm 901. Providencia, Santiago

Brief Biography:


2000: Professional degree Medical Surgeon obtained with maximal distinction. Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.

April 2007: Biomedical Sciences PhD, Postgraduate School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile.

2007-2008: Postdoctoral training at Institut für Klinische Pharmakologie, Bern Universität, Inselspital (Bern, Switzerland) Menthor: Dr. Jean François Dufour.


National Government funding Fondecyt Project 11090240 “Effect of combined hormonal resuscitation protocol (Methylprednisolone, Triiodothyronine) in normal and brain-dead donor liver graft function after cold ischemia” 2009-2012. Responsible researcher.

National Government funding Fondecyt 1080020 “Thyroid hormone role in liver Nrf2 activation: expression of detoxifying and antioxidant responses” 2008-2011. Collaborator Researcher.

Las Condes Clinic Academic Direction Funding “Sorafenib targets expression in Hepatocellular Carcinoma formalin-fixed samples: retrospective analysis of recidivate and progressive disease” 2010-2011. Collaborator Researcher.


Doctoral Fellowship, National Government funding.

Thesis Support Fellowship, National Government funding.

MECESUP UCH0306 Pre-doctoral training Fellowship, National Government funding.

Fulbright CONICYT Pre-doctoral training Fellowship Fulbright Foundation, USA.

Bundesstipendium. Postdoctoral training Fellowship. Confederatio Helvetica, Switzerland.


Academic positions:


Assistant Professor, Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology Program. Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.


Research interests:

Liver injury

Liver regeneration and HCC

Experimental models of liver diseases

Liver trasplantation, ischemia-reperfusion



Any other information:


Thyroid hormone-induced cytosol-to-nuclear translocation of rat liver Nrf2 is dependent on Kupffer cell functioning. Videla LA, Cornejo P, Romanque P, Santibáñez C, Castillo I, Vargas R. ScientificWorldJournal. 2012;2012:301494.

Prevention of liver ischemia reperfusion injury by a combined thyroid hormone and fish oil protocol. Mardones M, Valenzuela R, Romanque P, Covarrubias N, Anghileri F, Fernández V, Videla LA, Tapia G. J Nutr Biochem. 2012 Sep;23(9):1113-20

Thyroid hormone administration induces rat liver nrf2 activation: suppression by N-acetylcysteine pretreatment. Romanque P, Cornejo P, Valdés S, Videla LA. Thyroid. 2011 Jun;21(6):655-62.

Effect of sorafenib on murine liver regeneration. Hora C, Romanque P, Dufour JF. Hepatology. 2011 Feb;53(2):577-86.

Ablation of the tumor suppressor histidine triad nucleotide binding protein 1 is protective against hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury. Martin J, Romanque P, Maurhofer O, Schmitter K, Ferrand G, Dufour JF, Hora C. Hepatology. 2011 Jan;53(1):243-52.

Delayed ischemic preconditioning protects against liver ischemia-reperfusion injury in vivo. Romanque P, Díaz A, Tapia G, Uribe-Echevarría S, Videla LA, Fernandez V. Transplant Proc. 2010 Jun;42(5):1569-75.

Disproportionally high results of transient elastography in patients with autoimmune hepatitis. Romanque P, Stickel F, Dufour JF. Liver Int. 2008 Sep;28(8):1177-8.

Targeting vessels to treat hepatocellular carcinoma. Romanque P, Piguet AC, Dufour JF. Clin Sci (Lond). 2008 Apr;114(7):467-77.

Involvement of Kupffer cell-dependent signaling in T3-induced hepatocyte proliferation in vivo. Fernández V, Reyes S, Bravo S, Sepúlveda R, Romanque P, Santander G, Castillo I, Varela P, Tapia G, Videla LA. Biol Chem. 2007 Aug;388(8):831-7.

Thyroid hormone preconditioning: protection against ischemia-reperfusion liver injury in the rat. Fernández V, Castillo I, Tapia G, Romanque P, Uribe-Echevarría S, Uribe M, Cartier-Ugarte D, Santander G, Vial MT, Videla LA. Hepatology. 2007 Jan;45(1):170-7.

Early histological and functional effects of chronic copper exposure in rat liver. Cisternas FA, Tapia G, Arredondo M, Cartier-Ugarte D, Romanque P, Sierralta WD, Vial MT, Videla LA, Araya M. Biometals. 2005 Oct;18(5):541-51.

Thyroid hormone-induced oxidative stress in rodents and humans: a comparative view and relation to redox regulation of gene expression. Fernández V, Tapia G, Varela P, Romanque P, Cartier-Ugarte D, Videla LA. Comp Biochem Physiol C Toxicol Pharmacol. 2006 Mar-Apr;142(3-4):231-9.

[Molecular mechanisms in liver ischemic-reperfusion injury and ischemic preconditioning]. Romanque U P, Uribe M M, Videla LA. Rev Med Chil. 2005 Apr;133(4):469-76.

Effects of acute lindane intoxication and thyroid hormone administration in relation to nuclear factor-kappaB activation, tumor necrosis factor-alpha expression, and Kupffer cell function in the rat. Valencia C, Cornejo P, Romanque P, Tapia G, Varela P, Videla LA, Fernández V. Toxicol Lett. 2004 Mar 14;148(1-2):21-8.

Kupffer cell stimulation in the isolated perfused rat liver triggers nuclear factor-kappaB DNA binding activity. Romanque P, Tapia G, Videla LA. Redox Rep. 2003;8(6):341-6.


Dr. Juan Carlos Cutrín’s Laboratory Universita degli Study di Torino. Italia. June 2004.

Dr. Matthew B Grisham’s Laboratory. LSU Health Sciences Center, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA February – April 2005.

Dr. Hartmut Jaeschke’s Laboratory. University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona and Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. July – September 2006.


American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, AASLD.

European Association for the Study of the Liver, EASL.


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