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Dr. Banupriya Mukundan

Postdoctoral Fellow
Ob/Gyn, UT Southwetsern Medical center at Dallas

Brief Biography:

I am a motivated and articulate research professional with a penchant for project management and data presentation. I have gained 8 years of experience in project handling, conducting and modifying trials. I have designed and systematically developed robust bio analytical assays in the field of molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry leading to accelerated publications in the field of transcription. I have independently executed 3 multi-disciplinary projects from hypothesis to characterization by integrating bio analytical assays and bioinformatics resulting in 3 peer reviewed publications and 2 international presentations.

Academic positions:

During my tenure as a research assistant and postdoctoral fellow, I have had the opportunity to manage and train junior assistants and grad students in design, execution and documentation of assays and reports. In addition to excellent writing and communication skills, I have also co-reviewed manuscripts for publications. I have proactively offered help to setup and validate laboratory equipment, protocol workshops and volunteered for outreach teaching activities.

Research interests:

My current research as a post-doctoral fellow at UT Southwestern Medical Center focuses on next generation sequencing techniques in cancer cell lines. I have used a combination of ChIP-seq and RNA-seq approach to study the effects of combined mutations in breast cancer cell lines. I have in-depth knowledge of analyzing indels and mutations using whole genome sequencing, gene ontology classification to narrow down statistically significant pathways that are affected in respect to a certain combination of mutations. I believe the combined use of genomic approaches with strategic procedures to narrow down the downstream targets of tissue specific cancer will significantly complement the field of biomarker identification.

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I am impressed with the innovative and transparent policy of the publishing house. It really is a great support for the younger and upcoming research community. I specifically admire the turnover time of the manuscripts, transparent revision and the freedom to express our views that might be contrary to the current belief. Well, scientists have agreed and disagreed over discoveries for centuries and I think it is a healthy practice to keep that dynamics alive and going.