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Dr. Yasser Ahmed

Assistant prof.
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, South Valley University
47/1 University drive

Brief Biography:

The goal of my research is to explore the biology of endochondral ossification in different species. I have good experiences in Histology, Cell Culture, Molecular Biology and nanotechnology. I have studied the normal Histology and gene expression of the growth cartilage from different species including mammalian (rabbits) and avian (ducks and quail). I and my collegues in Australia have published convincing results about new interpretations of modes of physiological death of chondrocytes and provided a model of cell culture mimicking the IN VIVO mode of endochondral ossification. I and my colleagues from the Histology Department, Faculty of Veterinary medicine, South Valley University, Egypt plan to investigate in deep the mode/ or modes of endochondral ossification in Fish and Reptiles and to provide a

Academic positions:

Head Department of Histology

Research interests:

Histology, cartilage and bone

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

To link medical scientists from different parts of the world togeather