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Mr. Zubair Anwar

Molecular Biologist

Brief Biography:

I am Zubair Anwar from Pakistan, now a days working as molecular biologist in CDC project, that is mainly lab based surveillance of swine flu using international standard techniques I have done lot of work on inherited disorders, did a lot of counseling and filed work as well. I worked on tuberculosis, diagnostic lab with the most advanced techniques like line probe assay and gene expert. I worked as research fellow in NRLPD in avian influenza lab. I have international publications mentioned in my resume almost 27 published and approx 16 under process. I have a good skill to manage labs, develop labs, protocols and their optimization. I can write good projects and research papers as well. I have experience of university lecturer ship as well. I am a molecular biologist and have extra ordinary skills because of my experiences with different environment. I am a consultant research writer. Projects, reports. Research papers, and write other blogs.

Academic positions:

Research Associate , Visiting Faculty, Research Fellow

Research interests:

(Biosceinces, Biology, Pathophsiology, Pharmaceutics, Toxicology, Drug information, Parasitology , Clinical Nutrition, Gynecology, Special Education, Chemistry, Health Information Management, Environment health, Epidemiology, Health Education and Promotion, Maternity and Child Health ,Biostatistics, molecular biology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, virology, bacteriology) Especially in Tuberclosis, Influenza and MERs Coronoa virus.

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

To remain in contact with scientific community and research updates i am registering here, and i think it webmedcentral is a research oriented contact and making awareness on the community for lay man and in research community.