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Mr. Abdur Rasheed

Senior Lecturer
Department of Research, Dow University of Health Sceinces

Brief Biography:

My area of specialty is analysis and reporting of bioequivalence studies and calculating sample size for crossover bioequivalence studies. I have published different research article regarding outlier detection methods and its comparison in bioequivalence studies. Currently working on analysis of multivariate individual bioequivalence that lead towards the completion of my PhD studies. I teach biostatistics and research methodology to the postgraduate students. My job also includes supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students in their research work. Moreover, I am involved in organizing different workshops on statistical software e.g. SPSS and SAS etc., reference management software e.g. EndNote. I have experience of running different short course e.g. short courses in Biostatistics and Research Methodology. I am also responsible to provide consultancy pertaining to research methods, data entry and analysis and research report writing. As a researcher, I look forward a challenging career and utilize and expend my statistical skills at large and hope this will also enhanced me as a professional.

Academic positions:

Senior Lecturer of Biostatistics and Research Methodology

Research interests:

My area of research is analysis of bioequivalence studies and specifically multivariate individual bioequivalencce and detection of outlier in bioequivalence studies, Analysis of clinical trials

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Needs to evolve biomedical publishing, provide opportunity of publishing research work to every scientist. It is the post publication peer review publication method that provide alternative way to communication that lead to overcome many problems in traditional pre-publication peer review. It totally depends on the believe that most of the researcher should have opportunity to publish and share their own research work with other colleagues.