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Dr. Koichi Nakanishi

Executive Chief Researcher
Reserach Laboratory for Beverage, Kirin Company Ltd.
Technovillage 3F,1-17-1, Namamugi, Tsurumi-ku

Brief Biography:

Kirin Brewery Co.Ltd., entrance into a company in 1976. University of Tokyo Doctor-of-agriculture acquisition,?and transfer Marine Biotechnology Institutes in 1989. Laboratory for Core Technology, Kirin Beverage Co. Ltd., in 2003. Research Laboratory for Beverage, Kirin Company Ltd., in2013.

Academic positions:

I am a corporate researcher and not academicposition.

Research interests:

Microbiology. Nanobiotechnology

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I would like to utilize as a source of collection of a wider range of research information.