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Dr. Arun Jha

Cranfield University (UK)
A/1004, Bhoomi Valley, Next To N.G. SunCity, Phase II, Thakur Village, Kandivali (East).

Brief Biography:

I am really interested in that particular area of research. When I was pursuing Master's degree from UK during that entire academic session I have done a group project on Alzheimer's (considered as neurodegenerative disoder) and it was selected best by the Cranfield Faculties. And in that periodic of academic session I did an individual thesis on Alzheimer's, which I have submitted to UK. I got a lot of new and informative information on this topic.

Academic positions:

Sorry don't have.

Research interests:

Area of research on Alzheimer's. Especially on Pathogenesis Part. Role of Two Major Hallmarks Beta-Amyloid Plaques and NFTs (Neurofibrillary Tangles). Once the deposition of both these on brain cells, the brain cells are dying. Once the degeneration of brain cells starts, not possible to regenerate it. But Sir/Ma'am I am interested to find out the solution How can we stop degeneration...? Nothing is impossible. We can find the positive solution.

Any other information:

I am really and really interested in that particular area of research. Wants to join research Institute or lab to conduct research.

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Really a nice and informative site.