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Dr. Ehsan Gharadjedaghi

Argosy University
601 S. Lewis

Brief Biography:


1. 2004–2009 Argosy University Orange, CA Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.); 3.94 GPA; awarded 08/2009
2. 2002–2004 Argosy University Orange, CA BA in Psychology; 3.96 GPA; awarded 04/2004
3. 1987–1988 Technical University of Vienna Vienna, Austria Double Major: Computer Sciences & Linguistics


Academic positions:

Adjunct Professor, American School of Professional Psychology, Argosy University Adjunct Professor, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology


1. 2012:present Clinical Director, Norooz Clinic, Irvine, CA Provide psychological services to consumers in outpatient community mental health center. Populations range from children to adolescents, adults, and senior citizens. Focus on providing affordable quality health care services to under-served populations. Also provide supervised internship for emerging therapists.
2. 2010:present Couples & Sex Therapist Irvine, CA Pending Certification by American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists upon licensure Conducting couples therapy with a focus on both the emotional and sexual health of the coupledom. Integrating psychoanalytically oriented models with the Attachment theory, latest findings in neuropsychological research, Gestalt, and process-experiential techniques for emotional processing to tackle problems of closeness, intimacy, and effective communication.
3. 2010-present Adelante Recovery Center Newport Beach, CA Therapist/Substance Abuse Counselor Conducting individual and group therapy sessions with residential substance abuse clients. Individual therapy sessions take place three times per week per client. Group therapy sessions take place two times a day with focus on various topics including processing, positive focus, family dynamics, interpersonal effectiveness, psychotherapy, meditation, life skills building, and communication skills.
4. 2011:present The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Irvine, CA Adjunct Faculty: MFT, PSYD Teaching courses including Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment, Biological Basis of Behavior, Couples Therapy, Human Sexuality, and Psychopharmacology.
5. 2007:present Argosy University Orange, CA Adjunct Faculty: BAPSY, MACP, PSYD, EddCP Teaching courses including Juvenile Justice, Criminal Justice, Criminal Procedures, Public Speaking, Intro to Psychology and Sociology, Human Sexuality, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Interpersonal Effectiveness., Interviewing Techniques, Psychological Assessment, Counseling Skills, Substance Abuse Treatment and the Criminal Justice System, Social and Cultural Diversity, Counseling Theories, Couples and Family Therapy, Progroup and Practicum Seminars, Adult development and Aging, Advanced Counseling Skills, Ethical and Professional Issues, Sexual Dysfunctions, Group Therapy, Trauma throughout the Lifespan, and Assessment in Counseling.
6. 2010-2011: OCHA – Youth Resource Center Santa Ana, CA Post-doctoral Fellow Conducting individual and group psychotherapy with at-risk youth between the ages of 12 and 17. The clients undergo a short term probationary rehabilitation program aimed at reintegrating them back into the social network. These programs range from 30 days to 90 days and include individual psychotherapy as well as group meetings with a focus on educating the youth on the implications of substance abuse, changing dysfunctional communication patterns, and helping with emotional disregulation.
7. 2008-2009: Shanti, Orange County Lake Forest, CA Psychology Intern Completing therapy internship at HIV/AIDS specialty clinic serving the local Southern California region. Involved in individual, couples, and family therapy. Also, co-leading a men’s group as well as leading a Wellness group. 2007-2008 Family Service, Long Beach Long Beach, CA Therapy Practicum Intern Completed therapy practicum internship at a community mental health center for the general population. Involved in assessment, case management, and individual and couples therapy. Also, led groups for parent-child communication skills at Millikan High School, Long Beach.
8. 2006-2007: Youth and Family Resource Center Anaheim, CA Diagnostic Practicum Intern Completed diagnostic practicum internship at a county community mental health center for at-risk youth. Involved in assessment, psychological testing, case management, and co-led groups for communication skills, emotional management, life skills development, and multi-family therapy sessions.
9. 2003-2006: Argosy University Santa Ana, CA Student Services Coordinator Assisted Students and Faculty with day to day needs including registration, course scheduling, and accreditation.


1. October, 2008 LACPA Conference Los Angeles, CA Poster Presentation of my Clinical Research Project.
Title: Self-Exploration of Therapists to Overcome Therapy Impasse
2. August, 2008 APA Convention Boston, MA Poster Presentation of my Clinical Research Project. Title: Self-Exploration of Therapists to Overcome Therapy Impasse


1. 06/2012 Certificate of Appreciation, Argosy University Awarded for Outstanding Performance and Lasting Contribution to Student Education and Growth.
2. 10/2011 Current Approaches to Treatment of Trauma 24 Hours of workshops covering theoretical and empirical research behind the development and treatment of complex trauma.
3. 01/2011 Certified Couples and Sex Therapist 72 CE Hours of workshops covering theoretical and empirical research into dynamics at the core of couple’s lives including emotional and sexual health and dysfunctions.
4. 09/2010 Early Childhood Developmental Trauma & Character Styles through lifespan. 8 Hours of workshop covering distinction between clinical and subclinical infant/toddler behaviors between 0-3 years of age as well as characterological pathology as consequences to trauma in the separation-individuation phases.
5. 02/2010 Human Sexuality: Couple’s Therapy and Sex Therapy 36 CE Hours of workshops covering theoretical and empirical research into dynamics of couples’ sexuality.
6. 06/2009 Transformation of Emotional Suffering: Healing Experiences and Interactions in AEDP 10 CE Hours workshop in utilizing positive affective processing in the transformation of overwhelming emotional experiences
7. 05/2009 Certificate in Adult Attachment and the Adult Attachment Interview 18 CE Hours workshop in utilizing the Attachment Theory in clinical practice
8. 04/2009 Certificate in Emotion, Mindfulness, and Movement 4 CE Hours workshop in Pat Ogden’s Sensorimotor Psychotherapy techniques from pain to transformation
9. 11/2008 OCHCA BHS Training Program Certificate 6 CE Hours in Reducing the Risk of Burnout by County of Orange Health Care Agency
10. 2007–2008 Merit Scholarship Award Outstanding cumulative academic achievement at Argosy University
11. 2006–2007 APAGS Ambassador APAGS representation at APA Convention 2006, Campus Representative 2006/2007
12. 10/2006 Critical Incident Stress Management 14 CE Hours in Group Crisis Intervention by International Critical Incident Stress Foundation


Research interests:

Therapy Impasses & Resolutions, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, Psychopharmacology


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I find this new peer view system quite intriguing. Not sure how it will work until I can see it for myself.