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Dr. Ahmed Abdullah

Assist.prof. in tumor immunology
medical and molecular biotechnology dept./Biotechnology Research Center/Al-Nahrain University

Brief Biography:

Name: Ahmed Rushdi Abdullah Address:Baghdad / Iraq Birth Date:25/6/1970 Married status:Married Passport number: G1066281 Mobil Number: 00964 7703670889 / 00964 7901455520 E-mail:info@hoief.org ahmedrushdi1970@yahoo.com Languages: Fluent (Arabic &English).Weak (French).

Academic positions:

Assistant Prof. in tumor immunology and editor in chief of the ''journal of the Biotechnology Research Center'' / Biotechnology Research Center / Al-Nahrain University.

Research interests:

Tumor Immunology,Cancer Stem Cells,Breast Cancer,Immunohistochemistry,Insitu hybridization,Tumor Microenviroment,Cancer Epigensis

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

the best tool for scientific transparency

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