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Dr. Shashank Shah

Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon
Laparo-obeso centre

Brief Biography:

Present Appointments:

1. Director: Laparo-Obeso Centre; Comprehensive treatment for Obesity and related metabolic diseases and a Training center for Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgery.
2. Director: Department of Laparoscopic and Bariatric surgery at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune
3. Honorary Cancer surgeon- Ruby Hall Clinic , Pune.
4. Honorary Surgeon - Poona Hospital and Research Centre, Pune. B.J.M.C., Sassoon General Hospital, Pune; Dr. L.H. Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai
5. Post- graduate teacher for Diplomat of National Board (DNB) for General Surgery.
6. Executive council Member and Founder Member Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India (AMASI).
7. Founder Secretary and Trustee-Association of Minimally Invasive Surgeons-Pune
8. Secretary-OSSI.-Obesity surgery society of India
9. Past Secretary-Poona surgical society
10. Member of board of International Bariatric Surgical Review Corporation(IBSRC)


1. SAGES: Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons.
2. SLS: Society of Laparo Endoscopic Surgeons of USA.
3. ELSA: Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia.
4. IHPBA: International Hepatopancreaticobiliary Association.
5. IHPBA-India: Indian Association of Hepatopancreaticobiliary surgeons.
6. ASI: Association of Surgeons of India.
7. IAGES: Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo surgery.
8. AMASI: Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India, as Founder member.
9. AMIS- Pune: Association of Minimal Invasive Surgery, Pune,as Founder Secretary and
10. IMA: Indian Medical Association.
11. PSS: Poona Surgical Society, India.
12. IFSO: International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity.
13. OSSI: Obesity Surgery Society of India –as Treasurer
14. AIAARO : All India Association For Advancing Research In Obesity.
15. APBSS: Asia Pacific Bariatric Surgeons Society, as Founder member.
16. APHS: Asia Pacific Hernia Society
17. ASMBS: American society of metabolic and bariatric surgery. Affiliate surgeon
18. IBSRC: International Bariatric Surgical Review Committee


Academic positions:

Teaching Experience:

1. Senior Resident in surgery at K.E.M. Hospital Pune affiliated to Poona University. Pune (1 year)
2. Chief Resident in Surgery at K.E.M. Hospital Pune affiliated to Poona University, Pune (1 year)
3. Junior Consultant in General Surgery at K.E.M. Hospital, Pune affiliated to the B.J. Medical College, Poona University, Pune (3 years)
4. Consultant Surgeon at Poona Hospital and Research Centre affiliated to Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College, Pune- October 1995 onwards.
5. Post graduate teacher for Delhi National Board-M.S. General surgery
6. Training faculty in EISE, Mumbai.
7. Proctor for Advanced Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgical Training. Has trained more than 200 Indian and International surgeons across the globe.


1. Executive Committee Member, International College of Surgeons in 1994 ,Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College, Pune.
2. Organizing Committee Member , ISGCON 1998 ,AFMC, Pune
3. Organizing secretary, 1st “International Workshop on Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery”, AMIS-Pune 2004.
4. Founder member: APBSS 1st Asia Pacific meet for Obesity ,Taiwan, Feb 2005.
5. Organizing Chairman ‘1st live International workshop on Surgery for Morbid Obesity’ by AMIS, Pune on 5th June 2005
6. Live demonstration: Laparoscopic extra peritoneal hernia-repair, MIS-with-Prolene Hernia System (PHS), for ASI - Yavatmal chapter, June 2005.
7. Council member for International Hernia Innovation Council meeting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September 2005.
8. 1st Asia Pacific Bariatric Surgery (APBS) meeting in Delhi in January 2006 as Faculty.
9. AIAARO (All India Association of Advanced research on Obesity) annual conference at Ahmedabad as faculty, May 2007

Special Achievements:

1. Performed ‘45 HERNIAS in 10 hours’ and qualified for the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS on the 31st July 2005 & published as a record in LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS 2006.
2. Video accepted at SAGES Video Library at Florida, USA on ‘Thoracoscopic Thymectomy for Myaesthenia gravis, a new approach’ in April’ 2005.
3. Invitation to St. Marks Hospital, Philippines as international faculty in Bariatrics.
4. First Indian to present a video on ‘Revision bariatric surgery’ at IFSO World Congress in 2006.
5. MASCOT Trial-Did a trial as a principal investigator from India. "Cefoperazone/sulbactam for treatment of intra-abdominal infections: results from a prospective, randomized, parallel group study in India" published in Journal of SURGICAL INFECTIONS
6. Organized Metasurg 2008 –a unique conference on ‘Surgical treatment of Diabetes Mellitus type II and Obesity’ 1st-3rd February 2008, Mumbai, India. Attended by more than 300
delegates from Asia.
7. Presented a first ever international broadcast by Cleveland Clinic, US on Metabolic Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes - Asian Context through videoconference On 1st Aug.2008
8. Presented Indian data for metabolic surgery for type 2 diabetes in patients with low BMI IN the 1st world congress in New York on 15- 16th Sept.2008
9. 1st banded sleeve gastrectomy using Fobi ring –was performed in presence of Dr. Mal Fobi April 2008
10. Received award from as an innovator from IIT innovations at 2009 for ‘Interventional therapies for type 2 diabetes/ Metabolic surgery for type 2diabetes’
11. Presented 5 research papers based on unit’s data in annual congress of American society of metabolic and bariatric surgery at 2009, out of which 3 presented in the plenary session
12. Done 1st Single incision laparoscopic bariatric surgery in India-live
demonstration in the international conference METASURG 2009
13. Felicitation for Leading Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune towards global recognition on 28th Nov. 09 on the occasion of silver jubilee year of Ruby Hall Clinic
14. A first Indian appointed as a member of the committee of International Bariatric Surgical Review Corporation


Research interests:

Laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery, Bariatric surgery for obesity, Metabolic surgery for type 2 diabetes, Surgical emergencies and trauma, Portal hypertension, Laparoscopic Oncology, Thoracoscopic thymectomy for myasthenia gravis


Any other information:


1. Dissertation: “ Use of Drains in Surgery’’ 1992 :Poona University
2. Paper: Surgery for Portal Hypertension”. ISGCON 1998
3. Article: “Surgery with adjuvant sclerotherapy” – a better modality of treatment for Portal hypertension. Indian Journal of Gastroenterology
4. Video: Lap Splenectomy for Trauma : Lapsurg 2002 Coimbatore.
5. Video: World congress of Laparoscopic Surgery ELSA 2002 Tokyo, Japan.
6. Video: Lap Splenectomy for Trauma SLS conference at Las Vegas, 2003.
7. Video: Laparoscopic Management of Large Liver Cysts: World Congress of Lap. Surgery Hawaii 2004.
8. Live Demonstration ‘laparoscopic Splenectomy’ and ‘Laparoscopic appendicectomy for appendicular lump’ AMIS 2004,Pune.
9. Live Demonstration; Lap.Gastric Banding: AMIS, Pune 2005: 1st International workshop on obesity surgery
10. Paper: Laparoscopic Devascularization for non-cirrhotic portal hypertension-ELSA 2005, Hongkong
11. Video ‘Thracoscopic Thymectomy for Myaesthenia Gravis’ at IAN (Indian Association of Neurology) conference Jaipur Nov.2005
12. Lecture ‘Laparoscopy- present and future’ MASTACON 2005, Mahabaleshwar, India, Nov’ 2005.
13. ‘Gastric bypass –technical aspects’ at ‘Asia –Pacific Obesity Conclave’ (APOC) at Delhi, Feb ‘2005
14. 'Gastric bypass –technical aspects’ at OSSICON 2005- Mar’ 2005 Pune,I
15. Live demonstration of: PHS repair of Hernia at KASICON, Cochin, India, May 2006
16. Faculty at AETF- Shanghai- 12 Jan’ 2007-Video Presentation ‘ Lap Gastric Bypass-Technical aspects-Step by Step’
17. Invited as Faculty at IAGES 2007 –Sep, Delhi to talk on ‘Neuroendocrine Surgery’.
18. Invited as a Faculty to the ‘ 1st International Laparoscopic Congress at Burik Merah, Perak, Malaysia, Nov 2007.
19. Live Demonstration of ‘Step by step Gastric Bypass’ during Surgical Week in China, attended by 2000 surgeons on 20th Oct. 07
20. Invited as Faculty MEGA GPCON 2007,Dec, Pune,-Lecture ‘Awareness of Metabolic & Obesity Surgery’


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