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Prof. Joel Wesley Thompson

Amity Medical Group

Brief Biography:

Wesley Thompson has practiced medicine for 35 years and is in practice at Amity Medical Group Charlotte, North Carolina. He provides care to the HIV/AIDS population of Mecklenburg County and surrounding counties. He is a board certified physician assistant. He was the first physician assistant to be certified as an HIV Specialist in the state of North Carolina and one of the first in the United States. He has co-investigated in over 60 clinical trials for new medications in the fight against HIV. . He serves as a speaker for the National Ryan White Action Campaign. He is a nationally recognized speaker on 6 pharmaceutical speaker boards. He served on the Board of Directors for the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN) and the AIDSWALK Committee for 6 years and received the RAIN Board of directors Distinguished Service Award. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Southeast Chapter of the American Academy of HIV Medicine. He is Co-Chair of the Mecklenburg County Commissioners HIV Task Force and the Medical Co-Chair of the Quality Management Ryan White Committee for Mecklenburg County. He received his Bachelor of Arts at Wake Forest in 1982, and received his Bachelor of Health Science and Physician Assistant degree at Duke in 1987 and his Master in Health at Duke in 1991. December 31, 2009 Wes was awarded The Outstanding Service Award by the Metrolina AIDS Project. January 2009, Wesley received the Distinguished Fellow Award from the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) and in December 2008, he was granted the Distinguished Service award by RAIN. Wes also received the 2005 www.TheBody.com HIV Leadership Award for his work in the fight against HIV/AIDS.


Academic positions:

Guest lecturer and adjunct professor at Davidson University, Duke University, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Central Piedmont Community College, Wake Forest University and Wingate University


Research interests:

Clinical Research Trials

- Tobira 652-2-202, Sub-Investigator
- NK-104-4.05US, Kowa, Sub-Investigator
- ING 111762 SAILING ViiV Healthcare, Sub-Investigator
- ING 114467 SINGLE ViiV Healthcare, Sub-Investigator
- TMC ETRO, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
- TMC INROADS, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
- GS 104 Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
- GS 105 Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
- GS 130 Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
- GS 145 Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
- GS 110 Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
- GS 118 Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
- GS 114 Gilead Science, Sub Investigator
- GS 102, Gilead Sciences, Sub-Investigator
- GS 103, Gilead Sciences, Sub-Investigator
- GS 106 – Switch, Gilead Sciences – Sub-Investigator
- TMC114-C226, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
- TMC114-C209, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
- TMC114-C202, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
- TMC114-C214, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
- TMC125-C206, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
- A4001026, Pfizer, Sub-Investigator
- A4001027, Pfizer, Sub-Investigator
- A4001029, Pfizer, Sub-Investigator
- AI424131, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
- AI424128, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
- AI4124079, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
- AI424089, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
- AI424135-ZEST Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
- AI424121, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
- Glaxo – Aloha Trial, Glaxo Smith Kline, Sub-Investigator
- Roche “Enhance” Protocol, Roche, Sub-Investigator
- TMC 114, Tibotec, Sub-Investigator
- TherImmune AntiR7V Elisa Study
- Ortho-Biotech HCV Infection treatment with Peg-Intron Study
- AI424-037, Bristol-Myers Squib Pharmaceutical Inc., Sub-Investigator
- AI424043, Bristol-Myers Squib Pharmaceutical Inc., Sub-Investigator
- AI424045, Bristol-Myers Squib Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sub-Investigator
- PR99-30-33, Ortho-Biotech, Sub-Investigator
- PR00-30-035, Ortho-Biotech, Sub-Investigator
- AI424006, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
- AI424034, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sub-Investigator
- GS-US-183-0144/5, Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
- GS-US-183-0105, Gilead Science, Sub-Investigator
- GS-01-903 (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate), Gilead Sciences, Sub-Investigator
- GS-01-910 (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate), Gilead Sciences, Sub-Investigator
- Comet Trial, Gilead Sciences, Sub-Investigator
- GS-01-934, Gilead Sciences, Sub-Investigator
- Agouron #202, Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc., Sub-Investigator
- Agouron A4311002, Sub-Investigator
- Agouron A4311006, Capravirine salvage, Sub-Investigator
- Agouron #508, Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc., Sub-Investigator
- ABT #378r (lopinavir/ritonavir), Abbot Pharmaceuticals, Sub-Investigator
- Vaxgen AIDSVAX Vaccine Clinical Trials, Vaxgen, Sub-Investigator
- Ortho Biotech 035 Hepatitis C/ HIV co-infected, Sub-Investigator
- BI-1182.52  (tipranavir) Phase II b dose finding study, Sub-Investigator
- BI-1182.17  (tipranavir) Phase III, Sub-Investigator
- BI-1182.12 (tipranavir) Phase III, Sub-Investigator
- BI-1182.51 (tipranavir), Sub-Investigator


Any other information:

I am a supporter and advocate of the LGBT community and specialize in health specific to the LGBT community.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Very exciting.


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