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Prof. Maria Cortes

Universidade federal de Minas Gerais
Restorative Dentistry
Av Antonio Carlos 6627

Brief Biography:

PhD A native of Bogotá,Colombia, Dr.Cortés received her dentistry degree from Universidad del Valle, Colombia and magister and doctoral degrees from the Universidade de São Paulo, (USP) Brazil in 1999. She became as professor at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, (UFMG), Brazil in 1995 and conducted studies of chlorhexidine inclusion compound in cyclodextrin. In 1997, she joined the Robert Langer’s Lab at MIT, United States as PhD candidate from USP, for one year and a half and working with polymers and slow delivery systems.

Since 1996 Dr Cortes is professor of Integrative Clinical of Adults at Restorative Dentistry Department and she has also been professor member at graduate at dentistry Faculty and Biopharmaceutical and Innovation Program from Biological Institute of Science - ICB of UFMG. She has published papers, book chapters and abstract and in professional journals, she has supervised doctoral theses and magister and has made major contributions to the fields of slow delivery systems for human health products with 11 patents pending.


Academic positions:

She is a member of and has held leadership positions in several UFMG committees as Human Ethical Committee, Infection Control Committee and some local administrative staffs from Dentistry Faculty. Also she has been reviewer in diverse important journals. Dr. Cortes' s honors include diverse National and regional prizes.


Research interests:

Biomaterials, antimicrobials, bioceramics


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

It is very important for me and for my faculty to increase my knowledge in the area.