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Dr. Khalid Ansari

Research Fellow
School of Pharmacy, Health and Wellbeing

Brief Biography:


My principal research interests lie in the field of Respiratory Care of Clinical Medicine. At present, I am critically evaluating the physical, physiological, nutritional, hematological and psychological markers in the natural history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) for my Ph.D. I have also validated a new multidimensional index to assess COPD prognosis, which works better than conventionally used indices. Wellness is a more recondite psychological picture of overall health and to examine this, I have developed a new psychological questionnaire to assess physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellness thus enhances the assessment of physical and mental health of population.

My future research plans are to build on the foundations of my Ph.D. and to further develop models and tools in conjunction with other allied healthcare professionals to assess progression and improve outcomes in other diseases. I have expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research and would like to utilize and transfer my knowledge, skills and abilities to my co-workers and students as a teacher, module leader or an instructor in a friendly, supporting and learning environment.




Academic positions:

Research Fellow, School of Pharmacy, Health and Wellbeing University of Sunderland


Research interests:

Clinical Physiology, Public Health and Wellbeing, Pulmonary Medicine, Health Status, NUtrition and Obesity, Epidemiology


Any other information:


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3. Chronic Respiratory Disease (SAGE Publication, 2009)
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4. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences 2007
Predictors of quality of life in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients with different frequency of exacerbations K. Ansari, M. Shamssain, N.P. Keaney, M Farrow.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

To contribute to the dessimination fo the latest and quality medical research work and support researchers to make them up to date with the latest researches that are being carried out in different descipline of healthcare profession particualry related to pulmonary diseases, nutrition, health related quality of life and epidemiology worldwide.