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Dr. Shadi Sarahroodi

Assistant Prof.
Qom University of Medical Sciences

Brief Biography:

Dr. Sarahroodi gained her doctorate in pharmacy (Pharm.D) in 2000. Then after some years of experience in pharmacy as a pharmacist (doctor of pharmacy) and Teaching as a lecturer in several colleges and faculties such as shariaty technical faculty, she started her PhD course in pharmacology and gained Ph.D in pharmacology by top degree in 2008 and she was top student of the course. 
Dr. Sarahroodi specializes in nouropharmacology and pharmacoepidemiology.
She became the assistant prof. in pharmacology in school of medicine, Qom University of medical sciences in 2008. Also she is a member of professor collection board in university of applied sciences and technology, Iran, from 2008.
Dr.Sarahroodi´s areas of research interest are neuropharmacology (focus on anxiety, memory, endocannabinoids and endoopioids), pharmacoepidemiology (focus on self-medication) and ethnopharmacology (focus on Iranian traditional medicine). She is editor, author or translator of more than 13 books in pharmacy, pharmacology and traditional and herbal medicine.

Dr. Sarahroodi has been a member of international advisory board or editorial board of 18 journals such as Journal of pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacognosy magazine and International Journal of Pharmacology and is referee for about 23 medical and pharmacological journals worldwide too.

She is the member of International Brain research Organization (IBRO), International Behavioral Neuroscience Society, Central Association of Iranian Inventors, Third World Organization for Women in Science (TWOWS) and many others.

She has published about 50 articles or abstracts in neuropharmacology, pharmacoepidemiology and ethnopharmacology.

Among her awards are 13th student´s YEAR BOOK of Islamic republic of Iran in 2006, top student´s award in 2005 and 2006, top teacher´s award in 2000 and 2006 and top researcher´s award in 2009.


Academic positions:

- Assistant prof. in pharmaology, scholl of medicine , qom university of medical sciences (2008-now).

- Member of professor collecting board and assistant prof., university of applied sciences and technology (2008-now).

- Lecture in Dr.Shariaty technical faculty (1977- 2006).


Research interests:

Neuropharmacology and neuroscience:

Behavioural researches on rat an mice, anxiety, memory retention and retrival, pain, endoopioids and endocannabinoids.


Self-medication, antibiotics missuse, herbal medicine missuse, health care staff and students drug information


Iranian traditional medicine, world wide herbal medicine.


Any other information:

Editorial Boards:

  1. Editorial board of International Journal of Pharmacology (2008-now).
  2. Editorial board of Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology (2008-now).
  3. Editorial board of Current Research in Neuroscience (2008-2010).
  4. Editorial board of Journal of Medical Sciences (2008-2010).
  5. Editorial board of Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences (2008-now).
  6. Editorial board of Electronic Physician (2009-now).
  7. International advisory board of Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics (2010-now).
  8. Advisory board of Journal of Advances in Pharmacy & Health Care Research (2011-now).
  9. Editorial board of Journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacy (2010).
  10. Editorial board of Pharmacognosy reviews (2009-now).
  11. Editorial board of American Journal of Drug Discovery and Development (2010-now).
  12. Editorial board of Current Research in Cardiovascular Pharmacology (2010-now).
  13. Editorial board of Pharmacognosy Magazine (2009-now).
  14. Editorial board of Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (2010-now).
  15. Editorial board of Pharmacognosy Research (2009-now).
  16. Editorial board of Insight Pharmaceutical Sciences (2011-now).
  17. Editorial board of Insight Neuroscience (2011-now).
  18. Editorial board of Research in Neuroscience (2011-now).
  19. Reviewer for Indian Journal of Pharmacology (2004-now).
  20. Reviewer for Saudi Medical Journal (2008- now).
  21. Reviewer for Pharmacognosy magazine (2006).
  22. Reviewer for Qom Medical Journal (2008-now).
  23. Reviewer for Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Researches (2009-now). 
  24. Reviewer for Arak Medical journal (RAHAVARD) (2009-now).
  25. Reviewer for Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2011- now).
  26. Reviewer for Educational Research (2011-now).
  27. Reviewer for Neurosciences (2012-now).
  28. Reviewer for Oman Medical Journal (2012-now).

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I believe that Webmed central's idea and what you have done will help a lot of researches to be published in proper time. We know that there are a lot of researches that should stay more than a year for publishing and this publishing sickness  is and will be an important discuss among accdemics. I think that webcentral's idea can be a proper treatment for that.
Also many young researchers will be saved of frustration and will continue research in next years.
So as an accademic pharmacist and pharmacologist fully support this idea.


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