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Prof. Hayder Alkuraishy

assist professor
Pharmacology, College of Medicine

Brief Biography:

I fulfilled the requirement of study of the college of medicine ; al-mustansiryia university in The academic year 1995-1996 and I was awarded on M.B.Ch.B on 28-6-1996 with "good grading" and an average mark of (74.45). The graduation rank was 2 in a class of 248 students at first attempt. Then from the same college I was awarded degree of master in clinical pharmacology in year 2004-2005 with average gradung as "very good."
My thesis in master was (effects of ?-adrenoceptor blocker  on the psychomotor performances).


Academic positions:

 assist prof.and Head of Department


Research interests:

Neurosiences and Bacterial Resistances


Any other information:

1. Gender Differences In Psychomotor Performances After Six Minute Cycling Ergo Meter.
2. Effects of Vinpocetine on Psychomotor Performances.
3. Effects of Carvidelol on Exercise Parameters In Healthy Volunteers.
4. Short Term Effects of Silymarine on Lipid Profile In Hyperlipidemic Patients.
5. Effects of Garcinia Cambogica on Blood Viscosity.
6. Dual Effects of Ginseng And Nigella Sativa on Psychomotor Performances.
7. Antibacterial Effects of Ricinus Communis.
8. Effects of Zolmitriptan on Nasocilliary Clearances.
9. Physical And Chemical Compatibility of Metronidazole In Physiological Solutions.
10. Clot-Lysis Effects of ?-Adrenoceptor Antagonist.
11. Dsmoprssin Acetate Effects on Vigilance And Psychomotor Performances.
12. Antibacterial Activity of Selective Cox-2 Inhibitors.
13. Antibacterial Effects of lawsonia inermis.
14. Dual effects of aspirin and Garcinia Cambogica on Blood Viscosity.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Good site for discussion.


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