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Dr. Wael Soliman

Ophthalmology Department
Assiut University Hospitals
Ophthalmology Department, Assiut University Hospitals

Brief Biography:

 I am Wael Soliman, I am an ophthalmologist from Egypt, I am working as a university assistant professor of ophthalmology at the university of Assiut at the south of Egypt. I spent about 2 years in a medical retina fellowship at Copenhagen University at Denmark and postdoctoral surgical retina fellowship in Italy and phaco fellowship in India, I have a considerable number of international publications (12 publications) plus 2 book chapters. I made the defence of my egyptian medical doctorate in ophthalmology and the title was (evaluation of different modalities of management of diabetic macular edema using optical coherence tomography). I also finshed a PhD in ophthalmology at Copenhagen University which is one of the best 100 univesrsities in the world. I am serving now as an associated editor of acta ophthalmologica journal. 


Academic positions:

Assistant Professor, Assiut University Hospital, Assiut, Egypt


Research interests:

Ophthalmology(Investigative Ophthalmology and vitreoretina)


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Easy and accessible publication