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Dr. Carlos Alfaro

Research collaborator
Clinica Universidad de Navarra
Avda. Pio XII, 55

Brief Biography:

The applicant has focused its activity on the techniques and applications in the area of Cell Therapy. This is a pioneering facility in our country that is accredited for the production of cell cultures in GMP grade. Has proven experience of 7 years in the field and manages the laboratory ex vivo gene therapy in clinical grade. The applicant's activity also focuses on the context of translational research. It belongs to a group that is developing or will develop shortly in several clinical trials that must be the generation of dendritic cells in GMP conditions and precise monitoring of the immune response.




Academic positions:

BS in Biology

University of Navarra


PhD in Biology

University of Navarra



Research interests:

- Participation in various clinical trials, the most important are: Phase I trial of gene therapy for metastatic gastrointestinal carcinomas by intratumoral administration of autologous dendritic cells transfected in vitro with an adenoviral vector carrying the genes for interleukin 12 (trial which won the Grand Prix of Medicine Bial Foundation in the year 2005), participation in phase II study with immunotherapy using dendritic cells and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in solid tumors.


- He is currently contracted through the Science Foundation of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) due to the acquisition in 2010 of the call for assistance to researchers in Oncology endowed with 120,000 euros.


- Reviewer of the journal PLoS ONE.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

It is a good idea.


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