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  • Questions Worth Raising: Automated Writing Evaluations And Legacy Admissions
    My opinion: As medical education researchers, we have a vision and that is why we are raising these questions. Can automated writing evaluations of personal statement help in objective assessments of applications? Can legacy admissions be objectively streamlined in graduate medical education?..
    By Dr. Deepak Gupta on 27th Dec 2020 Full Text PDF
  • 2019 College Admissions Story And ERAS/NRMP/GME
    My opinion: 2019 College Admissions Story is pertaining to Honest Services Fraud statute [1-2]. This federal statute safeguards the third party from the harms caused by transactions between two parties whereby the transactions have caused the recipient party to be non-compliant in its duty to provide honest services to the collate..
    By Dr. Deepak Gupta on 26th Feb 2020 Full Text PDF
  • Self-Healing Ceiling
    My opinion: The prominent weightage accrued to letters of recommendation and personal statements make one wonder whether the standardized examination-adjudged meritocracy misses out on applicants’ assessment as whole persons. However, the origin of letters of recommendation and personal statements a century back may be speaking ..
    By Dr. Deepak Gupta on 26th Feb 2020 Full Text PDF
  • Obtaining a clearer perspective on the differently abled: a case study from a Caribbean medical school
    Abstract : Movies are used in medical schools for a variety of purposes ranging from learning of professionalism, public health, drug dependence, disability among others. In a medical school in Aruba, Dutch Caribbean movies and activities were used to strengthen learning of communication skills, empathy, professionalism, and deat..
    By Dr. P Ravi Shankar on 03rd Jul 2018 Full Text PDF
  • Progress Bar On ERAS Portal
    Opinion: The variable application fees' model of Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) might be expecting that the fees per application becoming higher with increasing number of applications per specialty may deter the number of applications per applicant from soaring. However, this ploy to control the number of appli..
    By Dr. Deepak Gupta on 15th May 2018 Full Text PDF
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