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    My opinion: While followers are forcing their leaders to change [1], leaders expect digital sanity from their followers. At the push of a button, we are now able to connect. We all as followers are guilty of misusing this ease in our leaders’ accessibility. We only realize our leaders' difficulties once we ourselves are bombarde..
    By Dr. Deepak Gupta on 31st Aug 2022 Full Text PDF
  • Prism of evolution
    My opinion: Humanity sees and reflects through the prism of innumerable -isms. The number of -isms keeps expanding as human language blooms and human interpretation glooms. As human language evolves with time, human interpretation devolves with time. Thereafter, humanity looks back into its past and interpret its past with the pri..
    By Dr. Deepak Gupta on 20th Dec 2021 Full Text PDF
  • Referrals to Occupational Health Services for Burnout
    Abstract: Healthcare workers who suspect or report burnout at work should seek occupational health services. They may need professional evaluation and health management prior to return-to-work...
    By Dr. Deepak Gupta on 19th Sep 2019 Full Text PDF
  • A case study of teaching research methods in health promotion to African American doctoral students
    Abstract: It is challenging for doctoral level programs in public health and health promotion to build advanced level research competencies in minority students. The purpose of this case study was to present a research methods course that caters specifically to African American doctoral students and builds health promotion compe..
    By Dr. Vinayak K Nahar on 21st Mar 2017 Full Text PDF
  • Multi-theory model (MTM) for health behavior change
    Abstract : In health education and health promotion an ideal theory is one that is exclusive to health behaviors, predicts health behavior change, is based on empirical evidence with health behavior changes, provides enough predictive power, is parsimonious, has constructs that are malleable, caters to both one-time and long-term..
    By Dr. Manoj Sharma on 23rd Sep 2015 Full Text PDF
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