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By Dr. Deepak Gupta
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Gupta D. My Personal Nobel Panacea: Curative Masks And Peacekeeping Pill. WebmedCentral PUBLIC HEALTH 2021;12(4):WMC005696

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Submitted on: 01 Apr 2021 11:13:33 PM GMT
Published on: 06 Apr 2021 03:20:34 AM GMT

My opinion

I will outrightly share however outrageous of a dream I have always had. I had a dream that one day I will hold or hand Nobel. However, I never chose a path to specialization that could have fulfilled that dream. Yet, I had an impossible dream. Although I have a dream that may never be fulfilled, there is a reality that may always get realized because there are some theories which should be timely and harmlessly promoted globally.

Masks As Cure

One theory simply explores and explains the “therapeutic” role of masks themselves thus postulating masks themselves as non-pharmacological antidote against SARS-CoV-2 [1]. As an anesthesiologist, it is ironic that it all started more than a decade ago in 2009 when my natural aversion to wearing masks led me to explore why it is so [2-3]. Then a decade later, I flipped when it came up in my discussions with my close friend as well as long-time associate who introduced the role of ambient humidity against flu to me. This was in 2019, just before COVID-19 era was dawning. Then, COVID-19 pandemic reached the shores of America. On January 11, 2020, scientists theorized COVID-19 vaccine within days [4] based on the disclosed genetic code of SARS-CoV-2 because they had preemptively thought and prepared tool to develop vaccine waiting just for SARS-CoV-2 genetic code’s input. Similarly, on April 24, 2020, I had shared my interpretation about “therapeutic” masks within a day [5] based on Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology, Under Secretary, William N. Bryan, disclosing scientific results [6] regarding hot and humid climates acting against SARS-CoV-2 because I had preemptively thought [7] and prepared tool to promote masks as “cure” waiting just for encouraging laboratory data. Although it seems prudent to allow almost a year [8] to prove theorized vaccines’ efficacy and safety, it seems imprudent to me that the theory of “therapeutic” masks has not caught the imagination of the world yet until now [9-11] because it has been my strong belief since the dawn of COVID-19 pandemic that masks may be acting in a triplet role for the mask wearers when (a) filtering most if not all pathogens to prevent contagion reaching to them, (b) allowing rare but some of pathogens to induce manageable immunogenicity in them, and (c) always creating hot and humid micro-environments to inactivate vulnerable pathogens which are already inside them [12-14]. Masks may be therapeutic by not only "hydrating the respiratory tract" [11] but also "heating the respiratory tract" [15-16] because it is my opinion that just like dry heat may be poorly tolerable, cold mist may be poorly effective even when the modern invention of cold misted air may seem to have overtaken the ancient philosophy of warm misted air in the current school of thought as well as usage by population. Exploration to document therapeutic potential of masks in global preparations may be futuristic against current and future airborne/droplet transmission-based pathogens inducing endemic clusters, epidemics and pandemics because human airways will always be physiologically colder than their blood thus therein favoring “cold” pathogens which may evolve to prefer airborne/droplet transmission via colder human airways and in turn always remaining vulnerable to non-pharmacological hot and humid [17-18] in-mask micro-environments.

Therefore, I am hoping that the readers take a look at my thoughts once again and have a hearty laugh on behalf of my published theories [19-20]. In the process, I am hoping that I along with the humanity can have the final laugh if masks can get christened as the “cure” against the “cold” viruses, now onwards and for the times to come. SARS-CoV-2 may neither be the first nor be the last inflicting pains to our urbanized globalized world. Thus, unlike condoms [21] just barricading to protect our sexual lives not only against HIV but also against all STDs, humanity may have to embrace masks as “cure” (not just as therapeutic goods in legal terms [22-23]) to protect our social lives not only against SARS-CoV-2 but also against all “cold” viruses to be implicated in global pandemics.  

Nuclear Pill Feminism

Real life itself unravels the biggest joke. Although it may not seem to be a laughing matter, it has the potential to make us a laughing stock because cultural reservations may sometimes obscure Nobel to consider an avenue for peace prize. That avenue is Nuclear “Pill” Feminism with too many mothers of second-wave feminism [24] and too many fathers of modern pill [25] but no takers for the credit to nuclear power. If President Franklin D. Roosevelt was right to “fear the fear” [26], it seems like the fear of apocalyptic war forced humanity to invent pill as a counter-mechanism to sustain peace within the sea of humanity at the top of food chain. Absence of war in itself is not peace unless usable resources remain appropriated to match needs of their consumers. Although humans have created opportunities by recklessly borrowing from their indebted descendants to falsely sustain peace, humanity must actually thank pill for the actual peace by non-violently limiting the expanding vastness of its sea; this is in contrast to inter/intra-species [27]-specific prey-predator balancing in the violent wild. However, pill itself could not have reached the targeted torchbearers of peace without the second-wave of feminism actively and fanatically promoting it. Essentially, fearing the fear of nuclear power created peace [28] with sustenance of peace warranting creation of pill to humanely restrict growth of humanity. However, the created pill needed prowess of feminism to deep-root it into modern psyche and its way of living so that the living can go on living for a longer time without waging wars for their overlapping and conflicting needs in the face of declining usability of the contracting pool of global resources [29].

If the readers are not even smiling yet, they should ponder the following questions:

  • Can’t non-violence ever create violence [30] unless peace never creates war?
  • Don’t fertility rates decrease during the wars to increase after the end of wars [31]?
  • Doesn’t pill have anything to do with humanity not meeting the population explosion projections [32] made after the last world war?
  • Isn’t anti-pill ideology/stand complemented by pro-war ideology/stand [33]?
  • Doesn’t rush-hour highway decongestion analogy [34] need decreased numbers who are entering and/or increased numbers who are exiting until and unless available space allowing increasing the numbers of new highways or increasing the numbers of lanes in the existing highways?
  • Isn’t Nuclear “Pill” Feminism being pro-life by being pro-choice even before the time [35] when the dilemmatic choice has to be made about what denotes life at what point in the existence?
  • Aren’t the other pills themselves driving the pill-popping world towards auto-(self)-cannibalism mode without knowing whether this is the naïve beginning or the desperate end wherein the healing question to humanely control overpopulation may be constantly eluding the Fisher King [36]?

This is nature’s cruel joke and none is laughing because joke is on us all unless we felicitate Nuclear “Pill” Feminism for creating more (technology) work and less (human) workers to ensure long term non-warring peace while accommodating the imminent artificial intelligence-induced downsizing [37] before the peaceful transition of power [38] from humanity to artificial intelligence happens at the top of food chain [39].


Summarily, as thoughts and theories will keep on flowing from mind, I will continue to have my Nobel dream and nurture its improbable fulfillment therein.


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