By Dr. Evgeniya Guryaniva , Mrs. Olga Krotkova
Corresponding Author Mrs. Olga Krotkova
Chuvash state university, medical, pr. M.Gorkogo 1322 - 29 - Russian Federation 428001
Submitting Author Ms. Olga Krotkova
Other Authors Dr. Evgeniya Guryaniva
Chuvash state university, medical, Cheboksary, Moskovskij pr. 31b-18 - Russian Federation 428015


Thumus, lien, acupuncture, cateholamines, serotonin, immunity.

Guryaniva E, Krotkova O. Special Features Of The Reaction Of Monoamine Contents Thymus And Lien`s Structure Of Rats For Acupuncture. WebmedCentral ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2010;1(12):WMC001285
doi: 10.9754/journal.wmc.2010.001285
Submitted on: 08 Dec 2010 05:51:59 PM GMT
Published on: 10 Dec 2010 07:37:48 PM GMT


The changes in the bioamine compound structures of the white rats thymus and spleen after acupuncture in 15 minutes, 1, 2 and 4 hours after acupuncture in acupuncture points GV 14 and LI 11 have been studied from the methods of the luminescent and immune histochemistry by using
figures of the luminescent catecholamines and serotonine and also the serotonine index in ones capacity of criteria. The acupuncture has been carried out into the clinical effective acupuncture points LI 11 and GV 14. It was found in 15 minutes ten-minutes-acupuncture results in the increase of the content of the catecholamines and serotonine in the thymocytes of the cortical and brain substances and in the pre-medullar cells. After 4 hours of the experiment the level of the monoamine in the thymocytes of the brain substances and in subcapsular cells by degrees return to initial figures.


It was established, that after acupuncture the bioamine contents in a red and white pulp of the spleen changes in 15 minutes. The change of the content of catecholamines and serotonin in granular luminescent cells of the jet center of a spleen has a wavy character. Thus correlation communications between the central artery and granular luminous cells of the jet center, the central artery and granular
luminous cells of a red pulp, granular luminous cells and a background of the jet center became strong positive. Obtained data show presence immune stimulating component acupuncture, shown in the first hour and kept till 4 o'clock after unitary acupuncture in point’s acupuncture GV 14 and LI 11.

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Monoamine reactions and Acupunture
Posted by Mr. Suchir Arora on 12 Dec 2010 12:08:13 PM GMT

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