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Prof. H. Caulfield

Distinguished Professor, Fellow of SPIE
Fisk University

Brief Biography:

I am well known and widely celebrated in optics. For example, I have won more prizes and award from SPIE than anyone in their history. My second field is biomimetics. But I work in pattern recognition, cognitive science, evolution, and soft computing. The leaders in those fields know me, but I only publish one or two papers a year in those fields.

Dr. H. John Caulfield is a Fellow of SPIE and has received the following other awards from them: The Gold Medal (their highest award), Service Award, Governor's Award, President's Award and the Dennis Gabor Award (their holography award).He is a Fellow of OSA and is nimonated for two of their major awards. He edited its main journal – Optical Engineering. His publications include 14 Books, 43 Book Chapters, 265 refereed journal papers, numerous popular articles, e.g. the 1884 National Geographic cover article on holography. And also countless conference proceedings.


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I like to say that the only papers that are super hard to publish or either very bad or very innovative. We all know of important papers that were rejected by many journals. Your publishing protocol creates an opportunity for both. John Howard, the first editor of the best journal in optics, used to say: "Everyone agrees that half the papers in Applied Optics should never have been published, but no one agrees on which papers they are.” Your model lets the readers decide. Good papers will be cited. Poor papers will be savaged.