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Published on: 05 Mar 2012 01:34:56 PM GMT
Assessment of submitted article
Posted by Dr. Oliver Grundmann on 01 May 2012 12:43:31 PM GMT

1 Is the subject of the article within the scope of the subject category? Yes
2 Are the interpretations / conclusions sound and justified by the data? Yes
3 Is this a new and original contribution? Yes
4 Does this paper exemplify an awareness of other research on the topic? Yes
5 Are structure and length satisfactory? Yes
6 Can you suggest brief additions or amendments or an introductory statement that will increase the value of this paper for an international audience? No
7 Can you suggest any reductions in the paper, or deletions of parts? No
8 Is the quality of the diction satisfactory? No
9 Are the illustrations and tables necessary and acceptable? Yes
10 Are the references adequate and are they all necessary? Yes
11 Are the keywords and abstract or summary informative? Yes
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    The paper submitted by Choudhury and colleagues addresses and interesting and important topic in the field of targeted drug delivery. Metronidazole has been used as an essential drug and targeted delivery to the colon remains a core issue. The current study addresses the formulation, stability, and release profile for various ethyl cellulose formulated microspheres. The authors build upon a small body of knowledge that establishes ethyl cellulose as a delivery vehicle for colon-targeted drugs. Overall the paper is well written - some methods (e.g. particle size determination) have not been well defined and should be revised or added. The diction requires some improvements - certain sentences are not comprehensible although the message that the authors wish to convey gets across.

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    Pharmacists, teaching pharmacy students

  • How to cite:  Grundmann O .Assessment of submitted article[Review of the article 'Investigation of Drug Polymer Compatibility: Formulation and Characterization of Metronidazole Microspheres for Colonic Delivery. ' by Behera S].WebmedCentral 2012;3(5):WMCRW001760
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Dear Dr. Oliver Grundmann Thanks for your comments and review on our article. We have revised the article and added some descriptions as per your suggestions. Hope this time we may satisfy the readers. Thanking you yours sincerely Prasanta Kr. Choudhury
Responded by Mr. Prasanta K Choudhury on 02 May 2012 02:44:29 AM