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Illness among smokers in Jhansi, India
Posted by Dr. Thomas Herchline on 15 Nov 2011 12:22:27 PM GMT

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    This is a survey-based study of the health effects of smoking in Jhansi, India. The researchers found that that smokers had higher rates of self-reported illness in all evaluated systems, with the greatest differences in cardiovascular and respiratory disease. Smokers were counseled regarding smoking cessation and re-surveyed one year later. The authors state 60% agreed to stop smoking; self-reported illness was lower in all systems one year after counseling.


    There are multiple weaknesses in this study and paper.

    - Most noteably, the grammer is very poor which makes it difficult to understand many sentences.

    - The authors did not report the length of time that individuals had smoked, nor the amount smoked (such as pack-years).

    - The actual number of smokers who quit smoking during the one year followup is not reported.

    - The authors claim that there is a link between literacy and understanding the health risks of smoking, but do not report any data to support this claim.

    - Data in Illustrations 2 & 3 would be better represented with bar graphs rather than line charts.


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