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The article from Italy is aim to investigate the correlation between comorbidities (at the time of surgical treatment) and abdominal surgery post-operative complications in patients treated with oral anticoagulation therapy, in order to identify risk stratification, correct timing of surgical treatment and postoperative support requirement.   The title is “Post-operative complications after abdominal surgery in patients treated with oral anticoagulation therapy”. 

There have some questions and uncleared issues.  The authors should be clarified and be added the following issues in the text.    


  1. The authors did not show the coagulation profiles including INR.  
  2. The authors did not show the 30 days-postoperative complications.  
  3. What is the target of the depth of the sedation level in this study?    The deep sedation level requires higher dose of the sedative drugs than the mild and moderate sedation level.
  4. Several factors such as the surgical technique and the experience of the surgeon influence the transfusion requirement.   
  5. The clinical application is very important.  The authors should to be suggested the readers to apply this knowledge into routine clinical practice.     


     Thank you so much

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