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Is the history of diet that old?
Posted by Prof. M.Akif Buyukbese on 28 Apr 2013 06:12:34 PM GMT

While it is an old fashion that talking medicine while providing its fundamentals to evolution, in the new millenium social medicine is gaining more attraction since the increased amount of developing communication, and people questioning and judging any intervention on the health issue.

I think instead of prescribing a diet, talking with him/or her regarding his/her needs for a healthy diet is more sustainable and reliable approach.

We sit together with our dietitians so as to make sure that each of us is not confusing the patient's minds.

Still drug companies are more in the front than the agriculture regulators of many country's ministers in order to help those patients seeking for help.

I do believe people having a collaboration in their country-those bringing health and agriculture authorities as well as doctors and dietitians will be the winner and server for the human-kind wisely.


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