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While still many diabetologists -those who are keen on learning, sharing and writing their ideas on diabetes so as to  help those who are in need of a solution for their metabolic problem-  are extremely working on this world-wide epidemic, readers may respect that it is not a striking feature that hypomagnesemia is skipped with ignoring its contribution to the pathophysiology of this dysglycaemic problem. 

However, its role mentioned here as a stimulator of insulin resistance as well as cardiovascular other problems is noteworthy. 

The review is a nice gathering of the literature and remindful knowledge so that we may refresh our minds. But again owing to its high prevelance, magnesium deficiency alone seems not be a higher contributor for diabetes.

Lower magnesium levels and its associations with certain other disturbances as well as insulin resistance may help understand physiopathology, before, during and after the disease which will lead to discover new drugs for prevention and/or treatment and/or complications....

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