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Dr. Abu Dzarr

Senior Medical Lecturer
Universiti Sains Malaysia
School of Medical Sciences , Health Campus , USM

Brief Biography:

I gained my basic medical degree from the National Unversity of Malaysia in 1994.  I then completed a four-years post graduate Masters of Medicine (Internal Medicine) from Universiti Sains Malaysia, in 2002.  I then returned to work as a physician with the Ministry of Health.  I then resigned in 2003, to take up an academic position in the Department of Medicine in USM and performed my clinical duties in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM).  My involvement is mainly in the clinical aspect of benign hematology and hematooncology.   

From the time I joined the academics, I have engaged myself in research activities related to the field of haematology, both clinical and laboratory.  My publication list are available at http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Abu_Dzarr2/

Although my teaching responsibilites is focused towards teaching haematology to post graduates in internal medicine and transfusion medicine, I still teach general internal medicine to medical undergraduates.   In 2010, I was promoted to senior medical lecturer, till now.

Beginning September 2011,  I have taken leave  from academic duties, into a PhD program specifically to study on the effect of quranic recitations on cancers cells. 


Academic positions:

Medical Lecturer, USM, Oct 2003 to Mac 2010.
Senior Medical Lecturer, USM, Mac 2010 till now.


Research interests:

Haematology and HaematoOncology
Biophysical Properties of Quranic Recitation


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Human civilization progressed when someone somewhere thought of something unusual that may defy contemporary belief. Hence WMC is the way forward to liberate knowledge from an over idealistic filter.  Unfortunately we now have to learn how to pan through a copius amount of haystack.  I am also intruged that the WMC founders did not have a business plan when starting this endeavour.  Obviously at one point, a mechanism has to be worked out to finance this project.  In a era when dollar and cents define our daily decision, I salute them for they are propelled mainly by their believe, philanthropism and zest.  I hope, this attribute will remained with WMC for a long time.