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Dr. Zhuoming Liu

Department of Microbiology
Harvard Medical School

Brief Biography:

I am Zhuoming Liu who currently works as a research fellow in at Harvard Medical School. I received my Ph.D. in March 2015 at The University of Tokyo. I focused on how herpes simplex virus 1 utilizes viral and cellular proteins to regulate the viral egress during PhD. My collaborators and I clarified a novel function of UL47 and ICP22 that the viral protein plays an important role in nuclear egress of nucleocapsids of HSV-1. I also identified a novel cellular protein p32, which is hijacked by viral protein UL47 and regulates the nuclear egress of nucleocapsids. Those breakthrough results were published in Journal of Virology and selected as spotlight in the issue and also cited by many other researchers. I am currently working on genome-wide CRISPR screens for the identification of host factors involved in entry of enveloped viruses at Harvard Medical School. I am really interested in the Virology and Antiviral Research.

Academic positions:

Research Fellow in Harvard Medical School

Research interests:

Virology, infectious disease, epidemiology, biochemistry and biotechnology.

What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

be open and peer review.