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Prof. Randy Eady

Balance & Movement Disorder Specialist/Sensual Animist
Therapeutic Program Director, Delray Holistic Heatlh Quarter

Brief Biography:

Randy Eady is a healer and researcher in Alternative Energy/Spatial Medicine/Science with a diverse background from projects with DARPA, DoD, DoE, General Atomics, TEO and the Australian DSTO. His passion is to "make the innovative practical" and share with others ways to see new perspectives on technologies and human awareness. This takes him traveling the globe to decipher and apply secrets often known and readily accessed by the ancients. To that end he educates client/participants and eliminates movement security risk – while also enhancing biological presence, inter~senorality & interoception. This happens as the body's antennae: the feet are awakened to energetically balance the CNS. Homeo~dynamic practice and a prescribed tai chi balance brocade also create a consciousness rhythm. Main recreational therapeutic programs: Get-Well Gardens, Ancient Walking to Primal Rhythms (AWPR), Back2Life, Barefoot Doctoring (The Heart of Foot Whispering and Perfecting Posture. ~~

Academic positions:

Leadership Development Consultant and Assistant Professor, USAF Academy, CO. Dept. of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership. (1992-1996) Developed, implemented and coordinated leadership development programs and enrichment seminars for faculty, students and staff. Provided personal mentorship, coaching and consultation to 40 squadron commanders. Served as Course Chairman for Behavioral Science 350/Anthropology 101, taught eight semesters of the core Beh Sci 310, Leadership course and guided 400 students through experiential learning modules each semester.

Research interests:

Specialties: BareFoot Doctoring, eco-psych and nature-based therapeutics; practiced in a progressive technique using acupressure and bio-mechanical realignment of the foot to remove accumulations of metabolites that are both acidic and alkaline (uric acid/oxalate crystals and calcium bicarbonate) to assist in non-surgical bunion & mal-adapted toe correction.

Any other information:

President/CEO, Springs Teaching Association for Youth, Inc., C. Springs, CO. (1995-1996) Served in a senior level management position that called for identification, formulation and implementation of a broad program of youth services with a 55,000 customer-field. Responsible for an annual budget of $3 million to sustain the numerous fulfillment centers. Supervised and motivated the large and geographically dispersed employee base, provided comprehensive leadership and public relations support and built partnerships with the community at-large.

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