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Dr. Robert Ricketson

Senior Research Scientist
Institute of Pure and Applied Knowledge
528 NW 173rd Street

Brief Biography:

My global health research interests are focused towards contributing to our knowledge of the genomics of human pathogens, with special interest in filovirus pathogenicity [virulence factors (miRNA) in Ebola.
We are preparing to deploy to West Africa to assist with the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak in addition to my new position as Research Consultant with Azenum Corporation.
My special interests include the differential virulence factors in Ebolavirus; molecular genetics of mobile elements (non-LTR retrotransposons) and other tropical emerging pathogens of VHF.
Previous disaster response included volunteer emergency surgical services Oklahoma City Bombing, April 19, 1995, St. Antony's Hospital, Oklahoma City, OK, and have been dedicated to global health as a health clinic volunteer, organizer, and research activities at several levels for over 42 years.


Academic positions:

Corinthian Colleges-Faculty 1


Research interests:

1. Bioinformatics 2. Viral encoded microRNA 3. Virulence factors of Ebolavirius 4. Genetics of pain modulation 5. Spinal Cord Injury 6. Cervical spine trauma and surgical management 7. Minimaally invasive spine procedures, especially Kyphoplasty 8. Infectious disease 9. Emergent pathogens


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Our technology, particulaurly molecular genetics, is progessing so rapidly that a central forum such as WebmedCentral is necessary to disseminate results almost in real-time. As such a full-time team of revewers will be necessary to ensure that valid data is presented on timely basis.


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