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Prof. Vivian Iliadou

Medical School
Neuroscience, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Brief Biography:

Dr Vasiliki (Vivian)Maria Iliadou is an Assistant Professor of Psychoacoustics at the Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She is an ENT physician with a PhD in Audiology. She has attended the second A.C. HOLLAND Course on Basic Sciences in Audiology & Otoneurology in Ferrara,Italy 1998. She has participated in numerous international seminars & congresses in Audiology, Psychoacoustics and Neurootology. She was a faculty member in “Central Auditory Processing-Current Research and Implications for Clinical Practice” 2009 Masterclass in Advanced Audiology UCL Institute of Hearing & in the Global Perspectives of Central Auditory Processing Conference during AudiologyNOW American Academy of Audiology 2012, where she was one of the twelve faculty members presenting.

Her main research and clinical practice interests are central auditory processing, genetics in hearing, communication & learning disorders & CAPD in neuropsychiatric disorders. She has established the first Auditory Processing Clinic in Greece for children and adults in AHEPA University Hospital, Thessaloniki. She has developed and adapted verbal tests and questionnaires for inclusion in the CAPD test battery, acquiring normative data in typically developing children and normal hearing adults. She is working towards developing an optimal testing battery for children and adults, with a special focus on young pre-school children. She has been a research fellow in UCL, Lund University, OHIO State University, and Nottingham MRC-IHR Clinical Section. In UCL she has attended the Academic Unit of Audiological Medicine (Ear Institute, University College London) and the Neuro-otology Department at the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery, where she has participated in a research project which assessed auditory processing in subjects with stroke(2008) and testing for CAPD both behaviorally and with binaural interaction auditory brainstem evoked responses. She has been involved in the MRC Institute of Hearing Research with field test research on clinical testing of APD in school-aged children. She has been invited and acted as a reviewer for the French National Research Agency (ANR) call for proposals on January 2012 in the framework of its Blue-Sky programme.

Her scientific publications cover the area of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders, Genetics in Hearing, Speech in noise perception & Psychometric evaluation of listening abilities in children as well as the possibility of co-existing CAPD in neuropsychiatric diseases. She has been publishing in JSHL, IJA, AAA, IJPORL. She has acted as Guest Editor in Current Pediatric Reviews for a hot-topic issue on Auditory Processing Disorder in 2011. She is an active reviewer in numerous high impact journals of audiology, medical psychoacoustics, otorhinolaryngology, pediatrics and speech pathology. Her published work has received 146 citations in Scopus and 193 in Google Scholar. She is organizing seminars for speech pathologists, special educators, occupational therapists, psychologists, e.t.c. since 2012 through a program of the Research Scientific Committee of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki that she is supervising. This is to raise awareness for the nature, symptomatology and management of Central Auditory Processing Disorder mostly in school-aged children. She is a member of the supervising committees for two doctoral dissertations that are taking place in the Psychoacoustics Laboartory. She was a faculty presenter for the Virtual Otology Conference organized by Phonak during 2009 with the topic “Auditory Processing Disorders in children with learning disabilities.” She wrote a book on „Clinical Audiology? with a group of writers in 2011 that is being taught in the University School for Speech Pathologists in Patra, Greece.

She has been invited to co-author with D-E Bamiou (UCL) a chapter with the title:” Assessment of Individuals Suspected or Diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Disorder: A Medical Perspective” for the Handbook of Central Auditory Processing Disorder 2nd edition by Musiek F. & Chermak G.; which is going to be published 2013-2014. She has been invited to present her research work during a three day seminar (part of Excellence in Education Programme) of Australian Association of Audiologists in Private Practice titled “Hearing and Cognition: Theory, Research and Practice” 20-22 September 2013. She has been invited to be faculty member in the 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Societies (IFOS) 1-5 June 2013 Seoul, Korea; where she will be presenting “Causes and Symptoms of CAPD in children” in a round table for Central Auditory Processing Disorder. She has been invited to participate as a presenter in the ASHA Audiology 2013 Online Conference, October 2013; as one of 13 presenters. The title of the conference will be “The Science and Clinical Practice of Central Auditory Processing Disorders”. The topic that she will be presenting is “Comorbidity of CAPD with developmental and neuropsychiatric disorders”.


Academic positions:

Current: Assistant Professor of Psychoacoustics, Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


1. 2000: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki PhD in Audiology
2. 1995: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki B.A. in Medicine
3. 1998: Basic Sciences in Audiology and Otoneurology 1998 University of Ferrara
4. 2005-2010: Lecturer in Neuro-otology and Psychoacoustics; Teaching, research, development and adaptation of tests for (C)APD battery
5. 2010-present: Assistant Professor in Psychoacoustics; Medical School, Neuroscience Department, Aristotle University

Professional Appointments:

1. 1995-1996: Rural Medical Doctor; Mesopotamia Clinic-Kastoria Region
2. 1996-1998: General Surgery; 1rst Surgical University Clinic AHEPA Hospital
3. 1998-2003: ENT-Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery; 1rst Surgical University Clinic AHEPA Hospital


Research interests:

(Central) Auditory Processing Disorder Auditory Neuroscience Pediatric Audiology


Any other information:


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