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Prof. Sergey Shukolyukov

Leading Research Scientist
Sechenov Institute Evolutionary Physiology & Biochemistry of the RAS
194223 St.Peterburg, Thorez pr.44

Brief Biography:

1945–1955 - studing in the Leningrad middle School N200
1955–1960 - studing in the Leningrad State University (speciality "animal biochemistry")
1960–1962 -  Junior researcher of the Sechenov Institute  of Evolutionary Physiology & Biochemistry, of the RAS, Leningrad
1962–1967 -  Postgraduate student of the Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology & Biochemistry
1967 - Defense of the PhD thesis “Oxidative systems in rod outer segments of the bovine retina”
1967–1971 - Senior Researcher of the Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology & Biochemistry
1971–1982 - Head of the  Laboratory “ Biochemistry of Vision” of the Institute of Marine Biology  of East Scientific Center of the RAS, Vladivostok;
1977- Title of Associate Professor on speciality of “Biochemistry” awarded by Higher Qualification Comission of the USSR;
1977–1980 – Lecture course of “Biochemistry of Cell” in Far East University, Vladivostok;
1971–1982 - Supervision followed by defense of PhD thesises of my four postgraduate students   (Drs V.Tyurin, V. Kortchagin, E. Tchizhevitch, O.Kalishevitch);
1982- Degree of “Doctor Biological Sciences” on speciality “Biochemistry” awarded by Higher Qualification Comission of the USSR, Leningrad;
1982– present time –Asso?iate Professor, Leading Research Scientist of the Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology & Biochemistry of the RAS, Sankt-Petersburg


Academic positions:

Leading Research Scientist, Title - Associate Professsor, degree  -  PhD, Doctor of Biological Sciences 


Research interests:

Biochemistry of vision, phototransduction, visual cycle, visual pigments, retinoids, membrane proteins, protein aggregation  proteom, chromatography, electrophoresis


Any other information:

Limited List of Publications

1. Shukolyukov S.A. Rhodopsin,  Zn+2 and retinitis pigmentosa: short tale requiring continuation. Biochemistry(Moscow) 2013, accepted.
2. Shukolyukov S.A. Digitonin- and sodium dodecylsulfate - solubilized frog rhodopsin: behavior  under native and denaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis Advances in Biological Chemistry, 2012, 2, 84-91
3. Shukolyukov S.A. Digitonin- and sodium dodecylsulfate - solubilized frog rhodopsin: behavior  under native and denaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Advances in Biological Chemistry , 2012
4. Shukolyukov S.A. Native Electrophoresis in Cell Proteomic: BN-PAGE and CN-PAGE.
Cell and Tissue Biology, 2011, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp. 311–318. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2011
5. Shukolyukov SA. Proof of oligomeric state of frog rhodopsin: visualization of dimer and oligomers on gels after BN- and HRCN-PAGE using antibodies to rhodopsin and by retinylopsin fluorescence. Biochemistry (Mosc). 2010 Aug;75(8):1045-51.
6. Govardovskii VI, Korenyak DA, Shukolyukov SA, Zueva LV. Lateral diffusion of rhodopsin in photoreceptor membrane: a reappraisal. Mol. Vis. 2009 Aug 28;15:1717-29.
7. Shukolyukov SA. Aggregation of frog rhodopsin to oligomers and their dissociation to monomer: application of BN- and SDS-PAGE. Biochemistry (Mosc). 2009 Jun;74(6):599-604.
8. Kolesnikov AV, Ala-Laurila P, Shukolyukov SA, Crouch RK, Wiggert B, Estevez ME, Govardovskii VI, Cornwall MC. Visual cycle and its metabolic support in gecko photoreceptors.
Vision Res. 2007 Feb;47(3):363-74. Epub 2006 Oct 16.
9. Ala-Laurila P, Kolesnikov AV, Crouch RK, Tsina E, Shukolyukov SA, Govardovskii VI, Koutalos Y, Wiggert B, Estevez ME, Cornwall MC.Visual cycle: Dependence of retinol production and removal on photoproduct decay and cell morphology. J Gen Physiol. 2006 Aug;128(2):153-69. Epub 2006 Jul 17.
10. Kolesnikov AV, Shukolyukov SA, Cornwall MC, Govardovskii VI. Recombination reaction of rhodopsin in situ studied by photoconversion of "indicator yellow".Vision Res. 2006 May;46(10):1665-75. Epub 2005 Sep 8.
11. Shukolyukov SA, Saakov VS. American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) synthesizes carotenoids from the precursor. Biochemistry (Mosc). 2001 May;66(5):535-40.
12. Gribakin, F.G., Alekseyev, E. N., Shukolyukov, S. A.  Gogala, M. (1995) Unconventional ultraviolet sensitivity spectra of Ascalaphus ( Insecta, Neuroptera)  J. Compar. Physiol. A, 176: 201-206.
13. Bowmaker JK, Govardovskii VI, Shukolyukov SA, Zueva LV, Hunt DM, Sideleva VG, Smirnova OG. Visual pigments and the photic environment: the cottoid fish of Lake Baikal.
Vision Res. 1994 Mar;34(5):591-605.
14. Shukolyukov S.  A.  (1993)  Visual  cycle   design   in invertebrates  and  vertebrates:  photochemical,   thermal   and transporting events. In book: Sensory Systems of Arthropods , ed. by Wiese, K., Gribakin, F.G., Popov, A. V. & Reninger, G.  , Birkauser Verlag, Basel, Boston, Berlin, pp.69-88.
15. Bowmaker, J. K., Govardovskii, V. I., Shukolyukov S. A.,  Zueva L. V.,  Hunt D. M., Sideleva, V. G. & Smirnova O. G. (1993) Visual pigment  and the photic environment of cottoid fish in Lake Baikal. Investigative Ophthalmol., Visual Sci. 34:1323.
16. Shukolyukov S. A.  &  Denisova  N.  A.   (1992)    Opsin biogenesis  and  chromophore  isomerization  in  the   Calliphora erythrocephala photoreceptor cells. Insect Biochem. and  Molec.  Biol., 22:8, 925-935.
17. Shukolyukov S.A. (1990) Mechanisms of phototransduction  in Invertebrate,  In book: Sensory Systems and Communication in Arthropoda, ed. by F.G. Gribakin, K.Wiese,  A.V. Popov Birkhauser Verlag, Basel, Boston, Berlin, 99-105.
18. Kagan VE, Arkhipenko YuV, Belousova LV, Tyurin VA, Shvedova AA, Shukolyukov SA, Kozlov YuP. Effects of products of phospholipid hydrolysis by phospholipases on rhodopsin thermal stability in photoreceptor membranes. Vision Res. 1981;21(7):1029-34.
19. Shukolyukov, S. A., Zak, P. P., Kalishevich, O. O. & Fedorov, A. I. (1981) Spectral sensitivity and visual pigments  of the eye of the "grass shrimp" ,  Pandalus latirostris. Marine Biology Letters, 2:  205-214.
20. Kagan, V. E. , Tyurin, V. A. , Shukolyukov, S. A. , Klaan, N. K. & Novikov, K. N. (1979) Thermal stability of rhodopsin  and protein-lipid  interaction  in  the  photoreceptor  membranes  of homoiothermic and  poikilothermic  animals.  J.  Thermal.  Biol., 4: 203-208.
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22. Shukolyukov SA, Tyurin VA [Retinal pigments and carotenoids of the light-shading "spectacles" of the greenling Hexagrammus octogrammus. Zh Evol Biokhim Fiziol. 1975 Mar-Apr;11(2):140-6. Russian
23. Etingof RN, Zhuchikhina AA, Shukolyukov SA. Isozymes of lactate dehydrogenase in the outer segments of the retina. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1969;191(3):728-31.


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