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Dr. Rashmi Kusurkar

Team Leader
Research in Medical Education, Institute of Education and Training, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam
Soetendaal 25

Brief Biography:

I am a medical doctor from India and will complete my PhD in Medical Education on 27th March 2012 from Utrecht University, The Netherlands. I believe and practice excellence in research and like my research to have strong a theoretical foundation. I believe in publishing only in international, indexed and peer-reviewed journals and am a strong supporter of open access publishing. My vision is to be a globally acclaimed expert on motivation in medical education. I have published conceptual, research-based and implementation papers in my field. I am a reviewer for a number of international, indexed and peer-reviewed journals in medical education.


Academic positions:

• Research Team Leader, Institute for Education and Training, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands from Nov 01, 2011
• Researcher, Center for Research and Development of Education, University Medical Center Utrecht, The netherlands; Oct 01, 2008 until date
• Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience, Utrecht, The Netherlands; Oct 01, 2008 until date.


Research interests:

Medical Education, Motivation, Teaching-Learning processes, Assessments, Attitudes


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I am a strong advocator of open access publishing philosophy and have opted for it for my publications whenever possible. I like the idea of WebmedCentralplus as I think it is important to control the quality of articles being published. The idea of doing post-publication reviews is interesting after a pre-publication review as it stimulates scientific discussions and sharpens research ideas.