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Prof. Ismael Navas-Delgado

Assistant Professor (Profesor Titular de universidad)
Universidad de Malaga
Ada Byron Research Building

Brief Biography:

Dr. Ismael Navas-Delgado holds an MSc degree in Computer Science (2002), and a PhD degree in Computer Science (2009). Currently, he is Assistant Professor at the University of Malaga since 2009, and has been involved in a number of national and international research projects as participant researcher. His research activity is focused on the application of database technologies to the Semantic Web, including topics such as middleware development, semantic annotation, ontology location, ontology alignment and with a wide experience in the development of bioinformatics applications. He has participated in many conferences and most of his work has been published in international journals and conferences, with more than 50 published papers.

Currently I are reviewer in several international conferences (such as DEXA and WebS) and journals (such as Data & Knowledge Engineering).

Some relevant papers in this area are:

- Ismael Navas Delgado, Alejandro Real-Chicharro, Miguel Angel Medina, Francisca Sánchez-Jiménez, José Francisco Aldana Montes: Social pathway annotation: extensions of the systems biology metabolic modelling assistant. Briefings in Bioinformatics 12(6): 576-587 (2011) 

- María del Mar Roldán García, Ismael Navas Delgado, Amine Kerzazi, Othmane Chniber, Joaquin J. Molina-Castro, José Francisco Aldana Montes: KA-SB: from data integration to large scale reasoning. BMC Bioinformatics 10(S-10): 5 (2009)

- Alejandro Real-Chicharro, Iván Ruiz Mostazo, Ismael Navas Delgado, Amine Kerzazi, Othmane Chniber, Francisca Sánchez-Jiménez, Miguel Angel Medina, José Francisco Aldana Montes: Protopia: a protein-protein interaction tool. BMC Bioinformatics 10(S-12): 17 (2009)

- Armando Reyes-Palomares, Raúl Montañez, Alejandro Real-Chicharro, Othmane Chniber, Amine Kerzazi, Ismael Navas Delgado, Miguel Angel Medina, José Francisco Aldana Montes, Francisca Sánchez-Jiménez: Systems biology metabolic modeling assistant: an ontology-based tool for the integration of metabolic data in kinetic modeling. Bioinformatics 25(6): 834-835 (2009)

- Ismael Navas Delgado, Raúl Montañez, Almudena Pino-Ángeles, Aurelio A. Moya-García, José Luis Urdiales, Francisca Sánchez-Jiménez, José Francisco Aldana Montes: AMMO-Prot: amine system project 3D-model finder. BMC Bioinformatics 9(S-4): (2008)

- Ismael Navas Delgado, Maria del Mar Rojano-Muñoz, Sergio Ramírez, Antonio Jesús Pérez, Eduardo Andrés León, José Francisco Aldana Montes, Oswaldo Trelles: Intelligent client for integrating bioinformatics services. Bioinformatics 22(1): 106-111 (2006) 


Academic positions:

Researcher (2002-2009). Universidad de Málaga

Lecturer (Profesor Sustituto) (2009-2010) . Universidad de Málaga   

Assistant Professor (Profesor Ayudante Doctor) (2010-2011) . Universidad de Málaga  

Assistant Professor (Profesor Contratado Doctor) (2011-) . Universidad de Málaga  


Research interests:

Databases, Semantic Web, Linked Data, Data Analysis, Bioinformatics, Systems Biology


What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

I think it is a good idea in a topic where changes are produced continuously and sometimes conferentes do not reach enough audience for high quality papers. In this special environment, having a vision of the most relevant advances is a key to be up to date and produce novel solutions to new problems.


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