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Dr. Aman Shah Abdul Majid

Medical Lecturer
Department of Integrative Medicine, Advanced Medical and Dental Institute

Brief Biography:

Dr. Aman qualified with a basic degree in Pharmacology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacy from University of Otago, New Zealand. He then completed his Medical degree from the University of Sheffield and served the British National Health Service as a medical officer. Dr. Aman then completed a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Ophthalmology (Visual Neuroscience) from the University of Oxford, UK. Dr. Aman’s research interest is in the development and testing of novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of age related neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia, glaucoma, age related macula degeneration, and also other age related diseases such as cancer. His recent work with a team at Oxford University led by the eminent Professor of Ocular Neuroscience, Neville N. Osborne in collaboration with CTG Pharma, Italy, focused on developing and testing novel compounds i.e. the hydrogen sulphide releasing (ACS) derivatives by combining potent neuroprotective agents that can enhance the cellular defence architecture against free radical damage and inhibiting neuronal apoptosis. This has resulted in novel scientific data which have been published in numerous peer reviewed international journals. From his training he has developed research strength in the study and development of natural and synthetic compounds which can potentially modulate molecular pathways involved in neurodegeneration, inflammation, angiogenesis and diabetic complications, and also the identification of their mode of action.

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